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How To Create The Kind of Office Space PR Girls Dream About

Many of us spend more time at the office than…

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Digital Story Coordinator

Position: Digital Story Coordinator
Company: Me by Design
Location: Freelance/Virtual
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3 Easy Ways to Become a Better Public Speaker

As PR professionals, communications is our thing of course. We…

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Podcasts Offer a Powerful PR Opportunity – Here’s How to Take Advantage

As a seasoned PR professional, you’re probably always looking for…

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6 Ways to Be More Productive While Traveling for Business

Traveling for pleasure is fun. Traveling more than 70% of…

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7 Ingredients to Create a Delicious Holiday Retail Event

Fall is upon us and with it comes a bustling season…

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How to use Twitter Chats for Career Growth

Last week I shared 10 of my favorite Twitter chats…

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