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Big Picture PR Agency San Francisco New York

5-Step Checklist to Choose the Right Celebrity for Brand Endorsement

The Celebrity Endorsement Series is written by Billy Bones, founder of…

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PR Mavens We Love: Stacey Heuser, Principal, The Narrative Group

Just last week, we learned that The Narrative Group had been…

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I Moved to London to become a Fashion PR Intern…at 37

Written by Gena Dorris Fashion has a reputation for being…

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5 Takeaways on What it takes to run a successful PR Firm

Written by Stephanie Scott, CEO and Communicator-in- Chief of First…

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Micro-Influencers are #Trending – Here’s What You Need to Know

Written by Rebekah Carter The chances are that, by now,…

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How to get started in PR with zero media connections

Written by S. Angelique Mingo When it comes to public…

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5 Signs Your Employee is Facing Burnout (& How to Help)

Written by Michele Litzky If an employee regularly works through…

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