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2 Big Influencer Marketing Concerns (& How to Handle Them)

Influencer campaigns aren’t new; the strategy relies on the same…

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How to Produce a Memorable Brand Event with a Blogger as Host

You strategize, conceptualize, create and coordinate and through it all,…

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3 Proven SEO Strategies that Will Extend the Value of PR Campaigns

Let’s be real, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn’t the sexiest of…

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3 Fashion Brands to Follow for Snapchat Inspiration

Snapchat can be a challenging social channel to navigate for…

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3 Places to Find a Professional Mentor

As young PR professionals, we are in an exciting yet…

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10 Social Media Myths That Ruin Business Results

Just a few short years ago, companies questioned whether they…

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6 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Influencer Marketing

The growth of influencer marketing means many companies are wondering…

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