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6 habits of successful PR pros A PR Couture Guest Article by Harrison Lee Morgan

6 Useful Habits to Cultivate as a PR Professional

Practice makes perfect – a lesson you’ve heard repeated hundreds of times since your days in elementary school, but does the same principle still apply to the real world? Absolutely! In public relations, it’s easy to get complacent and do what we know works. However, it’s important to keep in mind that one of the most critical aspects to succeeding… More

Office A PR Couture Guest Article by Cassie Hughes and Gabrey Means, Co-Founders of Grow Marketing

How to Build the PR/Marketing Agency You Truly Want to Create

Manifesting, to many, is just another new age buzzword.  But as soft as it sounds, it’s actually quite a powerful business tool. There are a million ways to start and grow a business, but if you aren’t clear on what you want, it’s easy to get off track. We aren’t talking about business plans or spreadsheets, though these have a… More

JGO HEADSHOT Front Row Fashion PR Interview Series

Publicist Q&A: Getting to Know Jennifer Gomez, VP of Womens at Kenwerks

PR girl Jennifer Gomez has always had a deeply rooted passion for the fashion industry. Her love for celebrities and music drove her to move to LA in 2010. Her work experience as the Visual Standards Director for Bebe, Inc. and Fashion Accessories Merchandiser for Bloomingdales developed her obsession with the fashion industry and spurred her career in PR. She… More

Meet Crosby Noricks

Hi. I'm Crosby, Founder of PR Couture, Fashion Brand Strategist and PR Girl Mentor. I care about supporting and celebrating fashion publicists as well as helping companies connect with their audiences in more meaningful ways. Recently, iMedia included me in their annual list of 25 Internet Marketing Leaders and Innovators, along with people from Starbucks, Twitter and Volkswagon, which I think is pretty neat. Like Elle Woods, I am a Gemini-vegetarian (that's about where the similarities end). Let's connect: Check out my full bio, Brand Elixir sessions or shoot me a note.