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Givenchy's Public Fashion Show, the Ladies of House of DVF & Periscope: the New Darling of Digital Marketing Fashion PR, Marketing & Social Media News for the Week of August 31, 2015

Givenchy’s Public Fashion Show, the Ladies of House of DVF & Periscope: the New Darling of Digital Marketing

  • Retail in the digital age like you’ve never seen it before. (via AdAge)
  • One of our favorite PR Girls, Connie Wong of Moderne Press on getting out of ruts, work strategies and more! (via Meg Biram)
  • With new marketing initiatives and fall designs, fashion designer Daryl K is ready to make her comeback. (via Forbes)
  • PR feels making you a bit blue? They might affect your pitching, so take a step back and make sure you’re clear on your ideas. (via Janet Murray)
  • The cardinal rules for the perfect Instagram post. (via Vogue)
  • Givenchy is creating New York Fashion Week excitement as it prepares to give away tickets to its first public show. (via Luxury Daily)
  • Perhaps a bit unlikely, but the Harvard Business School is the new hotspot for fashion #bossbabes. (via Boston News)
  • One company may be changing the way the PR industry deals with parental leave. (via the Holmes Report)
  • Hearts for everyone! Periscope is shifting digital marketing and making it easy and accessible for brands to create awareness and elevate exposure. (via Evolve!)
  • Meet the new global brand ambassador candidates of House of DVF. Who’s your favorite? (via E! Online)
  • Fashion marketing firm and The A List celebrates 15 years of business with friends like Freida Pinto, Lily Collins, Jamie Chung and more. (via WWD)

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Free tool calculates value of sponsored instagram posts Fashion PR Toolkit: The Instagram Sponsored Post Calculator

Paying for Instagram Sponsored Posts: How much is too much?

When it comes to influencer outreach, one of the biggest questions facing fashion marketers and publicists is to first determine which influencers are the right fit for a particular campaign and then figuring out what budget is necessary to make that collaboration come true.

While many top bloggers have Instagram rate cards, or a manager who will clearly explain the different pricing tiers based on level of effort, the process of working with emerging or mid-tier bloggers can be a frustrating guessing game with several rounds of pricing negotiation.

To mitigate this issue, check out the Instagram Sponsored Post Calculator on Fashion PR Girl. In Founder Sharon Herzog's words, "We give you a rough estimate on how much it will cost to work with an influencer on Instagram by taking into account their social media following, the level of engagement with their followers and overall negotiated budgets across our collaborations."

The calculator is completely free, and offers a unique way to get a sense of pricing before reaching out to pitch a collaboration. In a quick test, the calculator suggested $146 for PR Couture's modest 7k followers. Mariana Hewitt? The influencer with 434k followers who famously gave everyone a birds-eye view into how she edits her images (which was then picked up by Harper's Bazaar)? $6,278.


PS: Don't miss the PR Couture and Fashion PR Girl course Instappable: 4 weeks to unlock the secrets to wildly successful Instagram Collaborations. Starting Sept. 15, we'll be walking fashion marketers and brands through the collaboration process with valuable templates, measurement tips, special bonus interviews and a free 6-month subscription to the Fashion PR Girl database with more than 5k influencers. Become #Instappable!

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Fashion PR Job Alert PR Internship Alert!

Avant Collective Seeks Fashion + Lifestyle PR Interns in NYC

Boutique marketing and PR agency Avant Collective is looking for an intern who is passionate about fashion and lifestyle brands for a hands on internship to assist the team with strategic planning for fashion and lifestyle accounts including media relations, social media and events marketing. Responsibilities include managing sample pulls for clients, social media management and event planning logistics.

Ideal candidate must have some knowledge of leading print and online publications, blogs and online influencers. The opportunity is unpaid or for college credit only.

Learn more and apply

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