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Holiday Marketing Tips, New PR Methods & Print Media Changes Fashion PR, Marketing & Social Media News for the Week of November 16, 2015

Holiday Marketing Tips, New PR Methods & Print Media Changes

  • Toms founder Blake Mycoskie doesn’t just want to build outposts; he wants to create unique experiences. (via NYT)
  • Remember when 90’s sportswear brands like Fila were the thing? Yeah, they’re trying to come back. (via High Snobiety)
  • Holiday marketing infographic provides guidelines for merry merry selling success. (via The Shelf)
  • PR may still have the same meaning, but the the methods and on how we reach our goals have changed quite a bit. What would you add? (via Pierce Mattie)
  • It’s the end of an era. Long-time fashion critic Booth Moore leaves the L.A. Times. (via WWD)
  • Survey says that influencer marketing has become one of the fastest growing online customer acquisition methods. Do you agree? (via Tomson)
  • The best blogs for small business entrepreneurs to grow and succeed. (via HatchBuck)
  • Another sad day in the world of glossies. Conde Nast has announced that men’s magazine, Details, will issue its last edition this December. (via WSJ)
  • Is PR your one true love? Take a look at these signs to see! (via Her Campus)
  • What one student learned about social media from Teen Vogue’s Fashion program with Parsons. (via Teen Vogue)

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How social media can help you become a better PR professional

5 Ways to Use Social Media to Improve Your PR Campaigns

Social media has changed the way public relations professionals do their jobs and while editors have varying preferences when it comes to if, and how, PR people should contact them via social media, there are a number of ways to leverage social media to improve your PR campaigns.

Fill in gaps in your media lists

While a media database (or the PR Couture media lists) are a great place to start when building a new media list, sometimes the pace of the media industry moves faster than a database can be updated. Before pitching editors, double check their LinkedIn profile and/or Twitter and Instagram bios to make sure they are still the best contact for your pitch. Maybe they’ve moved on to a new beat, a new publication or have left the media industry all together.

See what an editor has recently covered

Many media outlets now encourage or sometimes even require that their employees promote their stories via their personal social media channels. Checking editors’ social media profiles is a shortcut to finding some of the recent stories they’ve worked on to see if your story is a good fit for them. You can also easily reference a recent article in a pitch, strengthening your ability to quickly build rapport by demonstrating you have done your research.

Make your gifting/seeding campaign more successful

If you want to create some buzz for a new product launch through a seeding or gifting campaign, social media research can help you hone your target list. Instagram is especially helpful because it usually provides a glimpse into an editor or influencer's personal style and/or interests. Search for brand hashtags as well as related keywords, and pay attention to who influencers are tagging ni their posts. Select individuals that genuinely seem like they would be likely to use or enjoy your client’s product.

Track your competitors

Following your competitors’ social media accounts will keep you up-to-date on their events, marketing campaigns and partnerships. Studying best practices of your competitors can help inspire you to come up with ideas for your own clients. If you see an editor or influencer posting about a competitor’s event and/or campaign and there’s a dedicated hashtag, track the hashtag and see who else is posting about it.

Track ROI of an event or campaign

Whether it’s an influencer dinner or a press trip, make sure you’re checking up on the social media accounts of all of your guests to see if, and what, they’re posting about your event. Use a hashtag to create a trackable metric you can use to measure the success (both in terms of number of social mentions as well as content) of your event. If there wasn’t a lot of social media engagement for your event or campaign, think about how you can improve next time. It’s a great practice to hand out cards printed with all of your client’s social media accounts and/or any relevant hashtags for the event to help encourage social media engagement right from the start. You can also include the Wifi password for the venue if there isn’t an open network available.

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Find Fashion and Lifestyle PR Jobs at PR Couture

Media Maison Seeks PR & Social Media Interns in NYC

Media Maison, a boutique firm in New York City specializing in lifestyle consumer and celebrity brands has an opening for a PR Intern and Social Media Intern to join their Upper West Side office ASAP. For both positions you must be in Manhattan and be available full time Monday-Friday from 9-5:30 and some evening events. The firm invests a lot in its interns in hopes of turning them into full-time employees. Interns receive a small stipend of $200 a week. 

PR Intern

This internship will show how to write pitches, manage media contacts, event planning, sample send, client proposals, marketing activations, social media programs, contribute to our intern blog and much much more. Candidate must be responsible, reliable and have great writing and communication skills.

Social Media Intern

The social media intern will be focused on jumping into the world of social media and coming up with creative content ideas for clients. If creating social media posts and staging Instagram shoots is your thing, then this is the internship for you!

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