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CLD PR Seeks Account Manager / Account Executive in L.A.

CLD PR, a top-tier full-service public relations agency focusing on celebrity & media placement, brand development, events and social media, is looking for a superstar Account Manager, Account Executive or Senior Account Manager with agency experience who thrives in a fast-paced environment and adapts quickly and fearlessly to changing needs. The agency is keeping an open mind as far as what they need for this position and are open to candidates that encompass all of the above levels.

Ideal candidate is not only extremely results-driven in garnering media coverage, but also able to create strategic campaign programs which combine various traditional and social media outlets. Must have 3-10+ years experience, including PR agency experience as well as ability to act quickly and efficiently manage teams of interns as well as multiple projects at one time.

Responsibilities will include implementation of media strategy for different brands, pitching and securing top celebrity placements, and identifying and creating proactive media opportunities.

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Why Fashion PR Needs Email Marketing A PR Couture Guest Article by Christopher Lester

3 Reasons Fashion PR Needs Email Marketing

We’re used to ever-changing fashion trends, so we don’t sweat it when the PR industry makes a few drastic changes of its own. And right now, The PR industry is not just adapting to changing times, it is in a time of redefinition.

PR and marketing are no longer competing for client dollars – the two entities are working together to reach goals like brand awareness, website traffic and content amplification. PR agencies are learning that clients want to put trust in a team who can look at their brand and recommend – and implement – best practice-based solutions that go well beyond media relations.

PR and marketing are no longer competing for client dollars – the two entities are working together to reach goals like brand awareness, website traffic and content amplification.

For a fickle industry like fashion, PR and marketing pros must embrace every available tool in the box. PR practitioners are looking for ways to meld modern marketing tactics, with many discovering that email marketing is one of the best crossover tools in their evolving arsenal.

I could go on and on about email marketing (although I might be biased), but I’ve paired my thoughts down to three of the best reasons fashion PR agencies should get on board with it – now.

Driving quick results

In marketing and PR alike, research-based campaigns are the gold standard, but those aren’t created overnight. Email marketing allows agencies to build segments, and then automate communications based on subscriber data such as demographics, spending history and tenure — or any other data point you store.

In marketing and PR alike, research-based campaigns are the gold standard, but those aren’t created overnight.

While members of a PR team are stoking the slow burn of traditional media relations – cultivating relationships, learning about reporters’ areas of interest, seeding stories through targeted outlets and waiting for coverage to turn – integrated marketing and PR teams can leverage email marketing to drive direct traffic and sales.

Customer and Portland women’s boutique Mabel & Zara uses automated emails to welcome new email subscribers and wish customers a happy birthday with a special discount. After initial email design and trigger setup, the automated messages continue reaching current and potential customers. “Every time we send an email, our website gets a big jump and we bring more people into the store,” Tiffany of Mabel & Zara said.

While PR needs time to test messaging and see results, email marketing allows you to put your message to the immediate test. If your headline isn’t compelling, your open rate will reflect it – in a matter of hours or at most, days.

Email marketing is insanely effective for fashion brands

PR agencies are constantly being charged to find new ways to quantify the fruits of their labor. So, here’s a stat you can share with your clients: Automated emails get 119 percent higher click rates than broadcast emails because they speak directly to customers at the right time.

Too often, public relations is tasked with creating sales. Unfortunately, PR does not work as the sole driver for conversions. But by integrating email marketing automation into campaigns, you actually can increase revenue. B2C marketers who send automated emails see conversion rates as high as 50 percent.

Email marketing is also effective because it helps you get more mileage from your existing content: Sending automated emails helps marketers repurpose 61 percent more content than marketers who don't use automation. These efficiencies pay off when it comes to showing the return on investment of your work.

A smart email strategy supports campaign efforts

Email marketing helps breath life into content that your agency or client has painstakingly created. As we’ve heard, video is the next frontier in content and online storytelling for many reasons. First, it boosts awareness: Videos increase people’s understanding of your product or service by 74 percent. Also, video is a powerful conversion tool. Website visitors are 64 percent more likely to buy a product on an online retail site after watching a video.

Just as we see with media pitches that include video, videos in email marketing help explain and sell. A report from Outbrain revealed headlines that promised video content had click-through rates 27 percent higher than average. So, when you add product videos, testimonials, tutorials or behind-the-scenes vignettes to your emails, make sure to promote the video content in the subject line, and you’ll boost conversions – and get more attention for your video content, too.

The collective PR industry has accepted content marketing into its tactics fold. Email marketing is an inexpensive tool for showing ROI, amplifying content and converting leads. Diversified PR pros adding email marketing to scopes of work sooner rather than later will lead the pack.

About Christopher Lester
Christopher Lester is the vice president of sales at Emma, where he leads the team of experts who provide strategic and tactical services to all Emma clients, as well as specialized support to large senders and significant brands. Christopher's extensive experience in sales and marketing makes him the perfect ally for businesses trying to engage customers with email.

Photo Credit: dutruong.t733

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