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FPRF Fashion PR Fridays: PR, Marketing & Social Media News for the Week of September 29, 2014

Get More Instagram Likes, What Makes a Great PR Leader & No More Misses Nice Boss

  • Qualities every PR leader should have. What would you add? (via PR Daily)
  • Up your heart game and get more Instagram likes with these Gala Darling tips. (via Gala Darling)
  • It wasn’t always all Calvin Klein ads. How Kate Moss went from high-school dropout to international supermodel. (via Jezebel)
  • Harrods and Whistles PR powerhouses unite to create super fashion luxury agency. (via PR Week)
  • Irritating things fashion girls (and boys!) do on social media. Are you guilty? (via Harpers Bazaar)
  • Send that perfect pitch to the right reporter. (via Vocus)
  • Can being a nice boss be bad for business? (via Slate)
  • Baublebar gives you a personal stylist with the click of a button. (via PSFK)
  • What you can learn from some pretty famous interns. (via Heather Huhman)

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Photo credit: EladeManu

Learn all about Lingerie Fashion Week

A Peek Underneath Lingerie Fashion Week

Back in August we got the inside scoop from Lingerie Fashion Week (LFW) Founder Lauren Rich about the evolution of this exciting niche event, changes for year, and ways to get involved. With less than a month until D-day (or is that DD-day), the entire UnderHaus PR team is moving into full-blown execution mode, checking off the hundreds of components required to produce an event of this magnitude (rental sourcing, printing, model castings, confirming staff, and logistics coordination with current confirmed participants), locking in and wrapping up brand and sponsor participation, and beginning media outreach in anticipation of what will take place October 24-25, 2014.

You're likely as curious as I am to better understand the logistics and strategy behind the event. Luckily Lauren once again took a brief (pun!) respite from an insane to-do list - assisting designers with model selection, sending out the official show schedule and participants to media, confirming and assembling on-site staff, finalizing print collateral and sourcing everything to build out front and back of house - to do just that.

The strategy behind Lingerie Fashion Week

What have been some key milestones since we last checked in?

Since we last spoke we have confirmed a number of participating brands and sponsors. We’re now thrilled to count 20+ brands ranging from household staple Fruit of the Loom to the cult following Dita Von Teese Stockings by Secrets in Lace, to indie labels Harlow & Fox, Andrée Ciccarelli, Lola Haze and more. We have also had an amazing show of support from sponsors, including The Temple: a Paul Mitchell Partner School, MAKEUP FOR EVER Academy, Accessory2, Uni K Wax, Hanes Hosiery, gardein, Neuro Drinks, Cayrum, VEEV and more.

How are the changes from last year panning out?

The biggest change for us was moving the event timing from intimates tradeshow season to Fashion Week season, to make the event more accessible both to press and to participating brands. We honestly weren’t sure what would happen, but am very happy to report this has been a wise decision!

The feedback from brands in regards to moving the event to late October has been overwhelmingly positive, reflected in a higher volume of brand participants than ever before.

Because of the time shift we have also introduced for the first time an on-site Press Preview concept, which we are calling THE SUITE. This is an excellent option for brands wanting to be involved but not wanting (or needing) to engage on the level of a Runway Show or Presentation. THE SUITE offers the opportunity for brands (and/or their PR agencies) to introduce collections to both short lead and long lead press in an intimate, one-on-one setting. Specifically, capitalizing on Holiday as well as Spring/Feb editorial calendars. No models needed, collections are showcased via garment rack - making execution much more streamlined.

Thus far the reaction has surpassed our expectations. We currently have 15+ brands in THE SUITE (including some of the names mentioned above), looking to get up to a max of 20.

Space is limited but there is still time for brands to jump on board in THE SUITE or otherwise. Limited opportunities are also still available for sponsors interested in Sponsor Lounge branding, Gift Bag Product Placement, placing an ad in our Official Program, etc. Interested brands can contact: Interested sponsors can All other inquiries:

LFW showcases brands via Runway Show, Presentation or Special Exhibition, and the audience demo is a mix of press, editors, bloggers, stylists, designers, retailers, VIPs and further influencers within the fashion, lingerie and creative industries. Press counts for about 75% of the total attendance, consisting of domestic consumer titles as well as both domestic and international trade titles. Collectively, LFW has totaled more than 1 billion media impressions since it's debut in February of 2013. I can't wait to see what's in store for the 2014 shows!

Featured Image: Secrets in Lace


Cover letter tips for Intro Emails for Jobs

Please Don’t Make these 4 Cover Letter Mistakes

With so many PR internship and fashion PR job listings coming through our job board (and oh so many resumes of soon-to-be PR graduates in my inbox), it seems like a good time to pen a short article with several common cover letter mistakes. Most of these hold true for any email you may be sending that is essentially asking someone to give you something you want (a job, knowledge, a business connection, gold Fendi heels).

Using To Whom it May Concern (it's concerning)

If you can't take the time to figure out a contact name, there's really no reason for the recipient of your cover letter to read any further. With LinkedIn, Twitter and dear old Google, there's really no reason why you can't find and use a person's name. Even if you are sending a general "no idea if you are hiring but..." type email, and only have an info or hello email, address it to the CEO.

Telling me what I can do for you (that's not how this works)

Instead of explaining what a great opportunity this job would create for you, focus on explaining how your experience directly applies to the roles and responsibilities listed in the job description. If you are looking for an internships or entry-level position and have little to no experience, focus on the character traits (with evidence/examples) that you possess that would benefit the office. If you are a stickler for detail, color code your calendar and have been editing your small town newsletter since you were 12, I want to hear about it. If you worked at a high-end spa where you were responsible for scheduling and confirming more than 100 appointments a day and making a kick-ass cappuccino at a moment's notice, tell me about it.

Your cover letter should make me absolutely convinced you are someone I want on my team.

Writing an essay (creates unnecessary work for both of us)

A cover letter should be no more than 3 short, carefully edited paragraphs. Use subheads and bullet points to make it easy for me to scan the highlights of your accomplishments.

Sending a Miss America moment (soapbox not required)

Save any emotional hyperbole, impassioned speeches and long-winded takes of passion, desire and perseverance for late night deep talks with your besties. I do not need your life story, or your current stress levels or challenges. I do need to feel like you are potentially capable of solving my challenges with competent, enthusiastic solutions.

Your cover letter should not read like the beginning of a novel, love story, creative writing assignment or multiple Pinterest inspirational quotes strung together. Instead answer the following questions:

  • Who are you?
  • What are your qualifications?
  • What makes you unique?
  • Why should I hire you?

Ah, that feels better. In contrast, a great cover letter is personalized, personable and focuses on the amazing gifts and talents you bring to the table. Focusing on results, creative thinking, and using straightforward business writing is absolutely key toward moving out of the trash can and into the interview pile. Good luck!

PS: For a few more ideas on how to write emails that get a response, check out our Pitch Templates for Job Seekers and this article for new grads looking to land that first PR job.

Photo Credit: Victor Bezrukov

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