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How to Introduce Yourself to an Editor A PR Couture Guest Article by Laura Perez

How to Introduce Yourself to Press ( + Email Template)

As the owner of a bilingual digital PR agency, one of my goals as a publicist is to maintain a list of relevant contacts in print and digital media in the U.S. and Mexico, and to know what each of my media contacts are looking for so that I can pitch my clients effectively.

If you are just starting out, or have a new contact list to work from, begin by introducing yourself and your agency in an email that asks them to confirm they are the correct contact. When I started I sent out confirmation emails to editors, assistant editors and fashion assistants to confirm they were the best contact in their department to receive pitches.

I’ve found that most editors appreciate it when you check ahead of time to confirm they are the best contact for your pitches. Of course, every editor is different, some contacts won't respond or they will tell you to check the Masthead. Even though I’ve encountered many different responses I always respond with a quick thank you.

When contacting editors and assistants, it’s best to send the confirmation emails on Monday or Tuesday. Editors will respond with a quick email letting you know “Confirmed.” Others will let you know who the best contact is and what they cover -  for example RTW, handbags or footwear. Make note of this in your media list.

Here is an example of an email confirming an editorial contact:

{Name of Contact},

My name is Laura, founder of By Laura PR specializing in fashion and accessories. I'm reaching out to confirm you’re the best contact to receive pitches for the fashion department at {Magazine Name}. I look forward to working with you in the near future. Thank you in advance for your time!



About two weeks after I sent my original round of confirmation emails I followed up with a second request for confirmation. For those I had heard back from, I sent a relevant, well-researched pitch.

Keep in mind that editors receive hundreds of emails a day. If you don’t get a response and your email wasn’t returned as a mailer-daemon or undeliverable email, chances are you do have the correct email address. But the editor hasn’t had the opportunity to respond, so don’t delete the contact just yet. You’ll probably receive a response once you send them that great pitch!

About Laura

Laura Perez is the Founder and President of By Laura PR, a bilingual digital PR agency. Specializing in fashion and accessories. Laura’s expertise is digital and traditional PR methods for ongoing editorial placements in print and digital media outletsin the U.S. and Mexico.

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Tradeshow Tactics & Tips Build Your Fashion Brand: A Digital Course for Emerging Designers

Find out the Truth About Fashion Industry Trade Shows

Trade shows offer fashion and accessory brands the opportunity to connect directly with top buyers with the primary goal of securing wholesale orders. However, shows are also an opportunity to create a brand experience, receive feedback, build relationships and network with like-minded brands. Most tradeshows require hefty upfront costs, and a strategy that goes far beyond, "stand at booth and wait to be discovered."

There are a ton of  fashion trade shows to choose from, and as part of our ongoing Build Your Fashion Brand Summer series tackling important decisions facing emerging fashion designers, the next BYFB ext digital workshop will focus on helping you to decide if - when - and what - trade shows are the right investment for your brand.

Joining us on July 15 is special guest expert, Alexandra D'Archangelo,  Show Director at EDIT.

AlexEdit is a New York-based event featuring emerging designers in the premium women’s wear market, geared to contemporary and luxury retailers.

Alex started her career in fashion events over a dozen years ago in Special Events and PR at Holt Renfrew, in Canada. Prior to the launch of EDIT Alex marketed the largest apparel fabrics trade show in North America and worked on runway shows in NY and Paris for designers including KENZO, Nicole Miller, Cynthia Rowley, Dion Lee and Daniel Vosovic.


In this session, we'll tackle:

  • Trade show pros and cons for emerging designers
  • Different trade shows and which are right for your brand
  • Virtual vs Offline tradeshows
  • Little known costs and considerations
  • How to make the most of your trade show experience

 Sign up and join us live on July 15 at 8pm ET

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Fashion PR Job Alert

Jennifer Bett Communications Seeks Fashion PR Intern in NYC

Jennifer Bett Communications offers forward-thinking brands a new, creative, and multi-dimensional approach to overall consumer awareness. Meyer has succeeded by uniquely employing a comprehensive package of global PR planning, guerrilla marketing concepts, social media strategies, brand partnerships, and other state-of-the-art strategies to achieve client objectives.

The firm is seeking a fashion PR intern to assist two fashion publicists with day to day management of luxury fashion, accessories and tech clients. Must be an enthusiastic, quick learner who can easily manage and prioritize duties, including tracking placements, generating PR reports, admin and occasional media pitching.

Learn more and apply

Meet Crosby Noricks

Hi. I'm Crosby, the founder of PR Couture and a fashion brand strategist. I care about supporting and celebrating fashion publicists as well as helping rad companies connect with their audiences in more meaningful ways. Recently, iMedia included me in their annual list of 25 Internet Marketing Leaders and Innovators, along with people from Starbucks, Twitter and Volkswagon, which I think is pretty neat. Like Elle Woods, I am a Gemini-vegetarian (that's about where the similarities end). Let's connect: Check out my full bio, Brand Elixer sessions or shoot me an electronic communiqué.