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Media Maison Seeks Lifestyle Publicist in NYC

Media Maison, a boutique firm in New York City specializing in lifestyle consumer and celebrity brands is looking for a Publicist with a strong work ethic to assist in pitching clients, providing creative input and contributing to marketing strategies and managing and maintaining organization of campaigns for multiple clients.

Ideal candidate must be a highly motivated individual with established contacts in media with placement history, as well as previous experience and knows the ropes of lifestyle/consumer product PR. Relevant PR, Journalism, Marketing or English degree are required. Please note this is not an entry-level position.

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Productivity Hacks for Freelance Publicists

4 Productivity Hacks for Freelance Publicists

Am I the only one that is struggling to find motivation this year? Most of the time, I bust into the new year ready to get stuff done. This year, I am taking a little longer to get my productivity going. Maybe it is still the holiday hangover.

For me, January is usually a slower month, since most of my clients are just starting to gear up for the new year. Instead of being lazy with this time, I am trying to be productive. This can be challenging because it is so easy to snooze for an extra hour or watch just one more episode on Netflix.

Here are a few things that I have been doing to make sure my January is super productive:

Set goals for the year

I know this sounds cheesy, but write down what you want to accomplish for the year. That way you have it as a constant reminder as the months pass. While it is good to be ambitious, make sure you are including things that are manageable. For example, my goal is to do one training webinar a month. Of course, I would love to say that I am going to do 5 or 6, but that is just not realistic. If you work on creating attainable goals this month, then you can continue to achieve them all year long.

For example, my goal is to do one training webinar a month. Of course, I would love to say that I am going to do 5 or 6, but that is just not realistic.

Get out of the house

Over the past month, I am continually reminded about how important this is. I am in transition between co-working spaces, and for a brief moment thought about just working from home permanently. No way. Getting up, getting dressed and getting out of the house makes me feel productive even when every ounce of my body just wants to go to bed. Even if it is just going to a coffee shop for one hour in the morning, it gives me a kick start to the day.

Get up/go to sleep at the same time

This is a big one for me. During my slower times of the year, it can be very easy to stay up later because I know I can snooze a little more in the morning. If I do this, this is a major productivity killer for me. Mornings are when I get most of my best work done. So no matter what, I am always trying to go to bed at a reasonable hour to get up and get stuff done.

Work on those backburner projects

As a freelancer, we all have them. Those projects that just sit on the bottom of the to-do list all year long. This is the perfect time to get them done! While these organizational things might not make you money immediately like client work, they are still important. Get them done now. Imagine how good you will feel.

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Fashion PR Fridays (1) Fashion PR, Marketing & Social Media News for the Week of January 18, 2015

The Future of PR Measurement, a Peachy New Social Network & Grace Coddington Steps Down at Vogue

  • “PR teams who analyze activity can bring greater value to their client or internal team, proving impact and justifying budget resources.” What PR analytics mean for PR pros these days. (via Bulldog Reporter)  
  • PR Girl Jennifer Berson of Jeneration PR shares her DIY approach to promote your kick-a company. (Forbes)
  • A good flat lay is Instagram gold. Make your next one gleam with these tips. (via Thirteen Thoughts)
  • Bring on the bling! People StyleWatch has named Lynette Pone McIntyre as its first Accessories Editor. (via Fashion Week Daily)
  • A new visual heavy social media platform that might be a winner for fashion brands is here, and it’s a Peach. (via Startup Fashion)
  • Pitches:the good, the bad and the downright scary to entertain and educate. (via Bad Pitch Blog)
  • Why brands are having trouble targeting aging boomers - who are themselves trying to figure out their buying needs. (via Bloomberg)
  • The two things people judge you on immediately and how it can affect your career. (via Business Insider)
  • Fashion’s most famous redhead, Grace Coddington is officially stepping down as Vogue’s Creative Director. (via BoF)
  • No Youth Dew here. Estee Lauder targets a younger crowd with new collection for Sephora called Estée Edit. (via WWD)

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