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JC REPORT Celebrates 10 Years of Cutting-Edge Global Trend Reporting

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How to Pitch Caroline Roman, The Daily Truffle

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How to get products featured on top TV Shows

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How to Pitch Marie Denee, The Curvy Fashionista

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How to Pitch Dree Harper, Refinery29

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How to Pitch Rachel Aschenbrand, People StyleWatch

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How to Pitch Freelancer Natalie Alcala, Racked LA, Blackbook, Vogue

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How to Pitch Lindsey Calla, Saucy Glossie

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Eva Longoria Editorial Leads Haute Living's Rebrand with Digital Storytelling

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How to Pitch: Q&A with Beth B. Anderson, Chic Galleria

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How to Pitch Bayfront Magazine

I get a lot of emails from PR people who want me to feature their clients. The main thing I look for are celebrities for our magazine who are well known. I also look for new designers as well as existing designers that have lines from ready-to-wear all the way to like, yoga. I look for everything! I have unique taste and I kind of know the reader, because it’s the same style that I for in the magazine. Whatever appeals to me, I’m pretty sure it’s going to appeal to the reader.

Q&A with Fashion Photographer Ed Kaviche of Fashion Wire Press

Designer clothing and fashion design without images are hard to… Read more »

Marie Claire's Twitter Strategy and Fashion PR Pitch Tips

There’s a community for everyone on Twitter, and it’s such a great resource to tap into for potential stories, writers, and PR contacts that we might not necessarily have connected with otherwise.

Following the Trendcaster: Jason Campbell of JC Report

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