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Tailor-made to celebrate excellence among fashion and lifestyle communication professionals, the BCAs are a groundbreaking opportunity to get some much-needed recognition for all your hard work.


  • Your expertise and contributions have been VALIDATED and you’re reveling in the extra confidence boost. You have been positioned as a LEADER in the space which means…
  • It’s way easier to WIN new business (better clients and bigger budgets) and attract top talent and partners. It’s a literal promo party every morning in your inbox as people start HOUNDING you with opportunities – no extra effort required.
  • And that’s cool, because with your added CREDIBILITY you’re charging more, saying NO to what doesn’t light you up, and experiencing way more control over your career.

Sound good? Here's more!

We have designed the BCAs as a global online program (no need to purchase an event ticket in addition to your award application fee just to sit in a badly lit hotel ballroom and eat mediocre chicken!).

Winners get a trophy to be sure, but we are also preparing customized gifts with some truly amazing goodies including jewelry and personalized artwork by a fashion illustrator. Winners will also receive a profile in Linger Magazine – instant publicity!

Now, I don’t have to convince you that amazing things happen when young women are supported to put their own unique voice out into the world. We will be donating a portion of profits to WriteGirl, a Los Angeles-based organization that promotes creativity and self-expression to empower teen girls through writing workshops and mentorship.

Ready to take a look?

The 2017 Bespoke Communication Awards is ready for you!

Agencies, in-house teams, brands, individuals, media and vendors are welcome to apply. There are 30 awards across 4 categories, including a no-fee, peer nomination-based “Favorites” category you can fill out right now!

Here are 4 of my favorite awards:

  • Work, Life, Balance & Culture – agency life is can’t stop won’t stop, but we should take a moment to recognize those who invest in their teams
  • Best Social Good Campaign – I am sucker for the feel-good, do-gooders in the world
  • Media Mailers or Sample Sends – buh-bye file folders and stickers, so excited to see how you capture attention in crazy, cool and creative ways
  • Favorite Editor to Work With- some of the BCA awards are simple nominations and completely free – lets come together and shine the spotlight on those who make our PR hearts sing!
Take advantage of our early deadline and save on awards submitted by March 21, 2017

Once you have purchased your award(s), you will receive an email with a link to your application form – fill that out by the early deadline and you’ll be all set!

It’s always exciting (and nerve-wracking) to bring a new idea into the world. The BCAs were designed to honor you and to help mold industry best practices. Please feel free to reach out with any feedback or suggestions!


Judges, sponsors and partner info

2017 BCA Judges:

  • Alle Fister, Principal of Bollare Communications
  • Brooke Blashill, Senior Vice President and Director of the Boutique at Ogilvy
  • Callan Green, Director of Social Media at L’Oreal
  • Dara Elliott, Founder of Brevity Brand
  • Linda Kearns, President, Costume Designer Division at Matchbook Company
  • Liza Kindered, Founder of Third Wave Fashion
  • Lorraine Sanders, Founder of Spirit 608
  • Matthew Marcheck, CEO of The Eighth Floor Communications
  • Rosanne Hart, APR, President of The Hart Agency
  • Wendy K. Bendoni, Chair of Marketing and Fashion Marketing at Woodbury University and Trend Producer for WWDMAGIC

2017 BCA Sponsors and Partners:

  • Rose Gold Sponsor: Tribe Dynamics, an advanced marketing technology built for fashion and lifestyle brands, representing the Favorites Category and two Petit Category awards, Media Event and Influencer Endorsement
  • White Gold Sponsor: White Book Agency, a brand communications boutique, representing the Individuals Category
  • Gold Sponsor: NewsAI, a media list management and email distribution tool for PR professionals, representing Media Placement, a Petit Category award
  • Gold Sponsor: Mariposa Communications, a top fashion public relations and marketing agency, representing Community Involvement, a Petit Category award
  • Gold Sponsor: C1 Revolution, a public relations firm based in Chicago, representing Celebrity Placement, a Petit Category award
  • 2017 In-kind Partners include Linger Magazine, Akvile Lesauskaite, Durrah Jewellery, Your Hot Copy, Shift FWD, and Gossip & Glamour

When looking for prime digital outlets to secure coverage for beauty clients, we often think of the heavy-hitters like Byrdie and Into The Gloss. While these sites are beyond fantastic, there are some other digital outlets that might not be on your radar just yet, catering to audiences seeking anything from effective natural products to Hollywood insider secrets.

Read on to see some of my favorite websites to work with (and read!) on behalf of beauty clients, as well as tips on how to pitch!


Created by Sarah Howard (whose father owned Make Up For Ever and Pierre Michel Salon), this site gives her unique insight into the industry with coverage on "trends, tips and tricks, insider secrets, and weekly must-haves."

What to Pitch:

Anything interesting and beauty-related! Areas of coverage here really run the gamut from product recommendations for the “weekly must-have” section, how-to tips on achieving the latest beauty trends, and interviews with celebs on their beauty routines. Anything new, fresh, and interesting in the beauty field will likely garner your pitch a second glance.


A very stylish guide to “living well,” The Chalkboard Mag was launched by Pressed Juicery to deliver fresh natural beauty, health, wellness, and living content to readers. While they cover a variety of topics in the lifestyle space, beauty is a big area of coverage for TCM.

What to Pitch:

Natural categories are the bread and butter here, so if you have an eco-friendly skincare line or holistic practitioner expert, send along the info to the team here. If a well-known health or wellness expert endorses your product, make sure to share that as well.


This LA-based site epitomizes Hollywood glamour with its sleek layout and in-depth interviews with the hottest in-the-know industry insiders (hello Jen Atkin and the Streicher sisters!) The Violet Files is an off-shoot of the high-end, incredibly curated shop Violet Grey and maintains the same exclusivity and taste level as their retail site. Their editorial policy notes that a brand does not need to be carried at Violet Grey to be featured on The Violet Files so don’t let that deter you!

What to Pitch:

A celebrity angle will get you far with this site (has your product been used by a celebrity or do you have a top makeup artist or hairstylist as a fan?) as will beautiful, luxury products – steer away from pitching drugstore products. Beauty/medical treatments also get coverage here in their VG Rx series, so if you have any innovative procedures or doctor experts to offer pitch away.


Run by the impossibly chic Annie Atkinson (a former New Yorker turned recent Zurich expat) this site covers all of her favorite products as well as interviews with equally stylish ladies in the beauty, fashion, and wellness spaces for the “Glow Girl” feature.

What to Pitch:

Products featured tend to lean more in the natural yet luxury space – anything with beautiful packaging, holistic yet effective ingredients and a prestige feel would be appropriate to pitch. If you’re pitching for the “Glow Girl” section, experts that fit best are those with a strong level of expertise in the wellness space who are undeniably chic. Annie recently relocated to Europe so keep in mind if pitching an event invite or a service that is stateside, it’s unlikely she’ll be able to attend.

Happy Pitching!

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