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Thank you for your interest in PR Couture, Your Hauteness!

First up, a quick FAQ:

1. Can I hire PR Couture to do PR for my brand?

PR Couture isn’t an agency, we are a resource for those working in fashion & lifestyle communications. However, we operate an amazing agency directory with several top-notch agencies. Connect with those that resonate with you, using the contact form that accompanies each listing.

PR Couture Founder Crosby Noricks does take on occasional brand strategy and business consulting projects. Feel free to share your opportunity with her using the form below.

2. Do you have any job openings? Will you share my job opening?

If we are hiring, you’ll find the announcement on our job board. If we aren’t, you are welcome to submit a quick introductory email explaining how you’d like to contribute to our team; you never know what might come of it! Please check out our job board for current PR jobs and internships openings from other companies.

If you have a job opening, you can submit your job post through our job board. We will get an instant notification and quickly boost your listing with complimentary email, homepage and social media promotion.

3. Do you have any advice on getting started in the industry?

Absolutely! We actually wrote the book about breaking into fashion PR. To get started, check out our entry-level PR & marketing resources and our PR Girl career planning course, PRISM.

4. Will you cover my product/event/client?

Depends. PR Couture examines the role of communications in the fashion & lifestyle industry. We are a primarily B2B platform, serving PR and marketing professionals. We are not a fashion blog; we won’t post your lookbook, sample sale notice, or glitter leggings (no matter how much we love them).

However, we’d love to learn more about your strategy for getting the word out about those hand-stitched fuchsia moccasins, why your bags are the perfect PR Girl tote for that 24-7 Boss Babe hustle, and how your custom laptop cases will create instant office envy.

Pitch PR Couture when you have a great PR campaign or killer media strategy that’s garnering major results. Reach out when you have something to get off your chest, hard-earned advice to share, or a new approach that is revolutionizing how you do business.

Recurring features:

  • Industry News (new clients, new employees, new services)
  • PR Toolbox (new technologies/apps/software to make work easier)
  • PR Girls We Love/Editor Q&As/Brand Q&As (expert industry profiles)
  • PRoducts We Love (slideshow roundups of fashion/lifestyle and tech essentials)

5. Will you accept my guest post/Can I write for you?

For detailed information having an article published on PR Couture, head over to our contributor page first and then send an inquiry.

PS: If you really hate contact forms, you can always reach our general inbox at

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