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I’m now working with Style Fashion Week. PRISM was a huge stepping stone for me and has brought so many opportunities to light.

Stephanie Barcetti

I made the move to LA about a month ago now. I started a job that I absolutely love at a hospitality PR firm. Couldn’t have done it without PR Couture!

Caitlin Kruell

required reading

10 out of the box job ideas (for pr Majors and Grads)

If you’re anything like me, you chose your college major with a vague understanding of what job opportunities were out there. You thought, “I’ll graduate and then get a job doing PR for a company or I’ll work for an agency and do PR for lots of different companies.” Done. The good news is that yes, you can absolutely do that. However, there are heaps of other jobs out there that align wonderfully with your PR training.

5 reasons your retail job is great PR career prep

It’s been almost a year since I joined the #BeachHouseGirl gang, and, well…it feels right.   

While it sometimes seems like I’m swimming leagues behind a sea of girl bosses who have been in this industry for years, a PR girl knows how to spin a story for the benefit of its readers.  FACT: Working in the sales industry helped me transition to a social media specialist, and here’s how:

4 Truths about working in PR (They don't teach these in school)

I think PR is one of the most misunderstood industries. Every time I tell someone that I am a publicist, they aren’t quite sure what my tasks entail. Yes, they have heard the word before, but it is almost like an ambiguous buzzword.

When I made the decision to go into PR, my perception of PR only included fabulous parties and 3-hour client lunches.