How can I get in touch?

Handy contact form  or go direct to the source: crosby[at]prcouture.com

Please, don’t pitch via Twitter, Facebook message or chat. Send us an email like the classy pro you are.

Will you cover/interview my product/event/client?

Depends. PR Couture examines the role of PR in the fashion industry and provides insights into the world of fashion PR. So, we won’t post your lookbook, sample sale notice, or that amazing new dress/shirt/pair of glitter leggings, just because we love it. However, we’d love to learn more about your strategy for getting the word out about those hand-stitched fuchsia moccasins. Pitch PR Couture when you have a great PR campaign, success story, gorgeous digital press kit that editors love, inspiring client with a unique take on marketing, or an office superstar deserving of recognition. More ideas:

  • Fashion PR Agency News (new clients, new employees, new services)
  • Fashion PR Trends
  • New technologies that are improving or altering the traditional PR process
  • Event Production Tips
  • PR education/academic news
  • Interviews with Fashion Journalists/Media publications
  • “A Day in the Life” of a fashion PR practitioner
  • Independent designers doing their own PR with success

Will you do my fashion PR?

PR Couture is not a PR agency, but we do work selectively with clients through Brand Elixir sessions as well as short and long-term consulting projects. We also help brands choose the right PR agency for their needs. Check out the agencies on our Find an Agency directory first, and get in touch if you are interesting in taking advantage of our agency matchmaking services!

I need some fashion PR/marketing advice…

Sure thing kitten! Check out the Burning Question feature or get in touch to chat ways to work together.

Are you hiring/can you post my job listing?

We are not currently hiring. If we are, you will see a blog post about it. Check out our job board for tons of jobs and internships. If you have a job you would like to post, please submit directly via the job board. We will follow up with social promotion!

Do you have any advice for me about breaking into fashion PR?

Absolutely.  I actually wrote a book about breaking into fashion PR that you can get on Amazon and another one that teaching the basics of pitching. Internships as well as establishing your own presence and personal brand online, particularly through blogging, are great ways to edge up on the competition! I believe that you shouldn’t wait around for the right opportunity, you should create it! If you are looking for personal advice, consider booking a Power Session. In addition, check out the following:

Do you accept guest posts?

PR Couture loves guest writers of the non spammy link-building variety. Check out our contributors page for all the juicy details.

I’m a PR student working on my dissertation on fashion PR, can you help?

Yay! I love fashion academics and will likely want to help. You might want to check out my master’s thesis – it’s available here or via inter-library loan from San Diego State University.