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Imagine: Your Pretty Good PR Plan,

Your Basically There Brand Story,

Turned to Gold. In about 72 Hours.

Crosby Noricks

Brand Elixirs: A one-on-one brand storytelling & marketing potion for your business.

My own mix of magic comes from an ability to quickly craft irresistible, on-brand copy and creative campaign concepts that spark emotion and action, while being mindful of goals, priorities and budgets. But it's a bit more than that. I've got an alchemical sixth sense for turning, tweaking and polishing pretty good communication strategy into pure gold.

I am a fashion brand, blogger and agency strategist.

But really, I'm an idea alchemist. I just can't help it. I pull from a decade of tactical, award-winning experience in lifestyle and fashion public relations, digital marketing, social media, and content strategy for consumer brands, as well as blogging, copywriting, and SEO for more than 50 brands and agencies, including PR Couture. Most recently I established and then directed the social media department for a digital marketing agency that Ad Age regularly names to it's "Best Places to Work List," and where my work for Charlotte Russe was called a "Social Media Supernova," in USA Today. Over the past decade I've worked with large brands like Quiksilver, CND, Charlotte Russe, Eagle Creek and Sutter Home, as well as smaller brands like Nina Swim, Eco Rookie, Les Lunes and The Habitat Factory. Together we have uncovered exciting ways to capture brand essence and voice, and to effectively engage and activate today's social consumer. I have a Master's Degree in Mass Communication and Media Studies, and train aspiring fashion publicists and independent designers in public relations and digital marketing strategy.

My approach?

Call it equal parts creative work and priority-driven problem-solving. Call it, a huge effing relief. Brand Elixer PR & Marketing Sessions

Brand Elixirs: A one-on-one brand storytelling & marketing potion for fashion brands, bloggers and creative entrepreneurs.

Brand Alchemy is about change, transformation, results. And you are so ready.

Together we will devise a plan, identify the ingredients and fine-tune the flavor for your custom elixir. Then, I'll transform your almost-there's into amazing, completely taken-care-of tasks.  We will mega-charge your brand with the right words and tools to activate your audience, achieve your goals and experience more joy, ease and cause for celebration in your business.

My Brand Elixir session totally blew me away! Here I was, looking forward to a call to get your feedback on my brand language and website. Instead you zoomed in on my talents, passion and tucked-away dreams, and wrapped it all up into a genius strategy, with clear priorities, and a manageable to-do list to help me bring this new direction to life. Crosby for President! - Astrid Mueller, Atelier Giselle

Crosby is very knowledgeable and really took the time to walk me through the launch strategy we discussed and made sure I was confident about how to execute the various components. She quickly understood our brand aesthetic; her social media content in particular perfectly captured our voice. - Lulu Hamissou, Grey Parachutes

Crosby! We are so stoked you came into our lives! We are feeling inspired, excited, and rejuvenated about where our business is headed. The whole Brand Elixir process was awesome! - Seandra Case, Melyssa Johnson, ShowCase

You did such an AMAZING job with the Brand Elixir! I am so excited about all of the materials, but especially the new mission statement, tagline and new vendor fact sheet.
- Carmel Samiri, Eco Rookie

Wow – your Elixir is better than vodka on the rocks! - Nneka Ezenwa, Aphropolitan

What you get:

Together we'll identify the ingredients for your custom Brand Elixir, which typically includes several copy documents and a roadmap with PR/Marketing strategies, site updates and priorities. We'll agree on the deliverables together (usually about 5), but they may include a mix the following:

- A brand-spanking new About Page

- 3 promotional copy directions for your homepage

- Your brand manifesto

- A bio so good it sings

- A brand fact sheet to use in your press kit

- 3 social media campaign ideas and recommended tools to execute them

- An email to get editors excited about your brand

- An email template to ask a fashion blogger to collaborate on a campaign

- 25 engagement-inducing status updates for social media

-List of important updates/tweaks to make to your website/social platforms

How it works:

{A Little Bit of Preparation}

- I'll send you The Brand Elixir Potion Guide to help you distill your big idea, your brand concept and immediate needs into a working recipe for success.

- On my end, I'll start musing, researching and getting everything in order.

{One Super-Intense, Mega-Rewarding Strategic Showdown}

- In the morning, we connect for a 2-3 hour, Skype session to chat strategy, copy, customers, competitors and priorities. We agree on a set of deliverables (usually about 5) that I will work on for you over the next day or so.

- During the next few days you are free to devour an entire season of Gilmore Girls while I begin concocting your potent pitch letters, your savvy sound-bites, clever copy, outstanding email auto-responders, etc.

{A Delicious Editing Pow-Wow}

- Delivery of your custom Brand Elixir  + a 30 minute, Skype session to tweak copy & add clarity.

- Mutually agreed upon success and final delivery of any outstanding work.

- Cray-towns celebrating of the pick your poison variety. We are done!

Ready to discover your brand alchemy?

Your Brand Elixir is $1,500 ($750 deposit to hold your spot + $750 due by the morning of our session). Send me an email - crosby[at] and I'll be in touch to make sure we're a good fit and get you on my calendar. If you need help earlier, reach out and I might be able to squeeze you in!

2015 Availability 

Now booking: July, 2015

Occasionally I can fit people in earlier - so feel free to reach out to discuss if you have a more immediate timeline.

More Testimonials

Jennifer ChidesterCrosby and I have a professional relationship that dates back to 2006, when I first hired her to support my lifestyle team at a previous PR firm. I've since tapped her expertise on a freelance basis several times and, just as she was seven years ago, she continues to be five steps ahead of everyone else when it comes to social media, blogger relations and content strategy. She's incredibly sharp, beyond knowledgeable in her space and operates with a high level of integrity. One word: Awesome. - Jennifer Chidester, Partner, Modern PR

John Faris[Crosby] developed the [social media] practice area, and continually evolved RDI’s social media offering over the years. She was instrumental in driving the integration of social with other key channels (tech, analytics, email, search, media, creative), and she proactively communicated how internal processes, documentation, and communication could be improved upon. Crosby has a unique ability to get internal teams and clients excited about the topic at hand, and make them consider solutions from various angles. She has no shortage of ideas, with an incredible ability to think through complex situations/business problems and deliver sound recommendations. - John Faris, VP, Cross Channel Marketing at Red Door Interactive

Margaret RyanI found Crosby's expertise is in her ability to effectively bridge the gap between the tried-and-true-methods of traditional PR and emerging media. She possess a great combination of solid experience, professional drive and entrepreneurial spirit.  I also found her to be generous with her time and talent when she helped me start my own blog. - Margaret Ryan, VP Communications at (SideCar)


"Crosby is a super pro with so much knowledge to share. PR Couture and her consulting packages are one of a kind for the fashion industry and I had a great time speaking with her during my session." - Agustina Palacio, CEO, Nina Swim



Not sure what you need? 15-minute Phone/Skype consultations are available. Reach out via email to crosby[at]