Love Notes

Crosby Noricks and PR Student Sarah Myles

Crosby Noricks and PR Student Sarah Myle at the PRSSA Conference

Lisa Vella, Everything PR

  • Perhaps what sets PR Couture apart from other Fashion PR blogs though is far more than…helpful resources for both successful and up-and-coming fashion publicists, students, or anyone interested in learning about the role of public relations in the fashion industry. Noricks frequently publishes or links to articles that give you a more meaningful perspective of the fashion industry, some delving more intimately into what fashion means to different countries, cultures, and religions.

Nadia Hussain, Polyvore

  • PR Couture is a vital resource for anyone who is interested in the inner workings of fashion PR. As a fashion and technology company, Polyvore often refers to PR Couture as a starting point for industry insight. Crosby Noricks is a PR professional who gets social media and her efforts with PR Couture noticeably help nurture aspiring industry professionals and strengthen the skills of those that are already apart of it.

Malorie Kaye, President, Cameo PR

  • PR Couture is simply brilliant, the only one of it’s kind, the site has truly become a bible for anyone and everyone in the industry.  Having the opportunity to work with Crosby has been both a pleasure and an honor, and being included in the success that is PR Couture has played an incredible role in the growth of my young, boutique agency.  Whether you are looking for a way to first break into the PR industry or simply want to broaden your knowledge and keep up with the times, PR Couture will always be your best friend.

Christina Jones, TrendAlertDaily

  • While in the beginning stages of starting my own fashion PR business, the tips…offered [on PR Couture] helped me land my first client!

Adrienne Dorsey, Magnolia PR

  • PR Couture is a gold mine of information on what’s fresh, relevant, and useful for today’s public relations practitioners. I know every time I visit the site I will learn something new that will help me run my boutique PR agency more effectively. I adore the crisp, clean layout and engaging content. Working with Crosby has been a joy, and exposure/advertising on PR Couture has led to inquiries on Magnolia’s services and valuable contacts. Thank you!

Melissa Davis, Founder and Co-Owner of Ruby Press

  • As a boutique PR agency owner, I am thrilled that PR Couture exists.  Crosby has created a site that attracts designers and business owners looking for a PR agency, PR students, and other fashion/lifestyle publicists- a sort of chic PR clubhouse!  And in this ever changing world of public relations, Crosby’s features are always informative and innovative.  I look forward to being a part of PR Couture for years to come!”
Marie Claire Magazine
  • Crosby at PR Couture has been a pleasure to work with. We enjoyed sharing our Twitter strategy with her and found many new friends and followers because of her interview.

Aliah Davis-McHenry, Aliah PR/PR Diva

  • PR Couture was my go-to blog when I started Aliah Public Relations and my first client was an emerging fashion brand. Imagine a doe in headlights needing some encouragement and advice and finding in Crosby Norick’s PR Couture Blog. If you are in fashion PR or want to be, PR Couture features great posts on finding your niche, fashion PR news, and testimonials from those that struck out on their own and found success.
New Fashion Design for
  • This is not just a fashion blog. It is the Mecca of fashion and public relations. PR Couture is a website devoted to the bloggers that are within the fashion and public relations world. It showcases many different bloggers and has a wide variety of information for people within the industry. Today I found strategies on how designers use PR in their business and how blogging is an essential part of marketing for a brand. The blog is a great place to find ideas and answer tough questions.
Sarah Myles, PR Major, Grand Valley State University
  • [Crosby] gave a very insightful presentation [at the PRSSA National Conference] and it made me very excited for my Fashion PR internship this summer. [PR Couture] does a great job at demonstrating the Fashion PR world to students, like myself, that are in the beginning stages of our future careers.  Most of my classes are targeted towards only certain types of PR and fashion is definitely not one of them. PR Couture is a great place to do research outside of the classroom on topics other than non-profit, politics, and health care.  I admire what [Crosby] has done in the fashion PR industry and hope to be in a position similar someday.

Amy Snider, Co-founder & Designer, Every Little Counts

  • PR Couture and Show Me The Pretty is such a great concept… it really makes PR feel a little more accessible, providing real actual advice,  advice that had previously hard to get a hold of. Love it!

Janna Meyrowitz, Founder/President, Style House PR

  • I adore working with Crosby at PR Couture. She has been a huge supporter of our company, our clients and me as an individual since I founded Style House PR.  The interview she did with me on the site over two years ago continues to bring contacts and new business leads every time it resurfaces. Whenever I want to talk about fashion PR industry trends I am noticing or grappling with I know that Crosby will be both an excellent sounding board and valuable resource. I do not advertise on the internet at all except for with PR Couture – it’s the only hub where I am confident than anything our brand name is next to would be something we would want to be aligned with.
Shannon Cavanagh-Estrada, Partner, Pitch! Press
  • We stumbled upon PR Couture about a year ago and immediately fell in love with the site.  Its content is informative, honest and insightful and Crosby is extremely friendly to work with, professional and smart as a whip.  After writing several guest posts our website traffic radically spiked as a direct result of our affiliation with PR Couture.  The PR process is a complicated one and Crosby has done a stellar job of creating a website that helps those outside the public relations arena better understand the nuttiness.

Agnes, Owner/Designer, Lulu Mae

  • I absolutely love all the advise you give on PR and Marketing! I’m trying to narrow down my choices for PR representation and your articles are super helpful!

Jordanna Stephen, President of Touch of Pink Public Relations

  • PR Couture definitely lives up to its name. It is the go-to site for anyone just getting their start in fashion PR or for those already established in the industry. It has become the top resource for me and my firm. Crosby has taken PR Couture to new heights and continues to keep doing so. PR Couture is an amazing community where designers and publicists genuinely want to help each other succeed in a very competitive industry. I am proud to be an advertiser on a site that I believe in and that generates more business for me. PR Couture is the cupcake with sprinkles when you have a public relations sweet tooth, and it hits the spot everytime.

Ina S, Founding Partner, M641 Clothing

  • Thank you so much for such an in-depth look at M641! From the backstory-to the future options for us…Show Me The Pretty is most helpful! We keep re-reading it!  I’m thrilled we could be a part of this!

Tierra M. Wilson, Social Media PR Consultant

  • PR Couture is an amazing resource for public relations professionals who are looking to find resources and support in the fashion industry.  My company, The Fashion Techie, was feature on their blog and I received a number of leads which included 3 clients all in the span of 2 weeks. Crosby Noricks has created an amazing resource that’s is a must have for anyone who is serious about fashion and PR.

Amy Lagae, Founder of Avenue PR

  • I’m a huge fan of PR Couture. Reading it was one of the deciding factors for me to start my own firm this year. Thanks for inspiration! Truly!

Rizvana Arinaz, blogger at Mode et Utopie

  • I am an avid reader of PR Couture, and have been able to network with other bloggers through your site! You motivated me to start my own blog.

Jenni Pagano

  • I am so impressed! Clarity of mission and intelligence are evident in spades! Thanks for an inspiring interview and my latest bookmarked sites.

Smashing Darling

  • If you have been paying any attention at all to blogs about fashion lately you will have run across this amazing lady, Crosby. She has created a place to find out about all things relating to fashion PR through her blog, PR Couture

Stephen Davies, Founder of

  • [PR Couture] is very refreshing.


Lisa Richards

  • I was very excited to come across PR Couture today! I’m a student in Toronto studying public relations and hoping to break into the fashion and beauty industries eventually. So glad to find a community of fashion PRs – in my class all the students want to go into non-profit, government, etc and I’m by myself with my fashion interest, glad I’m not alone!