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Pitch Templates for Jobs, Internships & Mentorship

PRC-Templates-Professional-cover3Tired of sending out job-related emails and coming back to an empty inbox?

Instead of getting frustrated, try these handy email templates, designed to help you craft clever, concise and reply-worthy communication.

I'm a fashion and event publicist always on the lookout for freelance or full-time work. I was sending out cover letters and resumes but not getting the response I was hoping for. Since using these templates, I quickly saw an increase in requests for interviews, and I recently landed a freelance gig for a major entertainment site. I'm so grateful to have these templates on hand and highly recommend them to anyone looking to connect with a brand they love and admire. These templates make putting your best foot forward simple.- Kamille Cooper, Moda Dossier

The Professional Goods Package is a 10-page PDF that includes 5 templates to use when:

  • You just really, really want the job
  • You've found a great company, but they aren't hiring
  • Your experience isn't the best fit for the position, but damnit, you're going to apply anyway!
  • It's time to shine up your LinkedIn profile with a few fab recommendations
  • You're desperate for some mentorship/advice from that person you're obsessed with

$2 from each purchase goes to benefit Write Girl, an amaze-towns non-profit that empower girls through one-on-one mentoring and monthly creative writing workshops from professional women writers. Nice!

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More Praise for the Professional Goods Package:

humbert"I am currently getting intern applications and so many candidates appear uninformed about how to put together a cover letter/resume that grabs my attention.These templates are a great resource. Add in your info and tailor them to the internship, job or mentorship you want, and then watch the replies come in." - Humbert Luna @xmodax, The Luxe PR Group



dani"Crosby brings job-seekers a fantastic and practical resource- an opportunity to be seen, heard and all importantly find that dream job" - Dani Di Bartolo, Director/Editor,  Via Runway




The 'I Feel Oh So Good About This' Guarantee guaranteeIf you're not happy, darling, I'm so not happy. If this item make you anything less than super-satisfied I want to hear about it. And I want to give you your money back. Just reply to the email that included your download link within 2 weeks of purchase. Let me know where I fell short for you and I'll shoot that cash right back your way. Promise. .

Meet Crosby Noricks

Hi. I'm Crosby, Founder of PR Couture, Fashion Brand Strategist and PR Girl Mentor. I care about supporting and celebrating fashion publicists as well as helping companies connect with their audiences in more meaningful ways. Recently, iMedia included me in their annual list of 25 Internet Marketing Leaders and Innovators, along with people from Starbucks, Twitter and Volkswagon, which I think is pretty neat. Like Elle Woods, I am a Gemini-vegetarian (that's about where the similarities end). Let's connect: Check out my full bio, Brand Elixir sessions or shoot me a note.