Fashion PR Consulting

In this industry, it's all about who you know. Luckily, you know me!


Break in Sessions are for PR pros just starting out.

Phew. You've got plans. Life plans, career plans, a dozen half-done to-do lists and lots and lots of questions.

You are excited, nervous, and well, a little bit overwhelmed. Lately you find yourself staring at the ceiling, examining at your shoes thinking, "I know fashion PR is where my career heart is at. If I could just get some one-on-one guidance from someone whose been there, I could strap on these stilettos and just go after it."

Let's make it happen sweet cheeks.

You are most likely:

- A college student thinking about fashion PR as a career and wondering what to major in & how to make the most the time you have left in school.

- Fresh out of college, in the process of applying for internships or your first PR job and looking for career support and direction

- In your first job or internship and looking for some support/skillage to make sure you are on the fast-track toward a promotion.

How it works:

For about 35 minutes (I'm known to get a bit chatty and go over!), we will be fiery and fierce about whatever it is you've got going on. Due to the quick burst of time we have to play together, you'll need to do a bit of work beforehand (I'll send you a worksheet that should take you no more than 10 minutes to fill out, and do my part to make sure I am up to speed before we jam). Then, we go through your questions one by one until we run out of time. Afterward, I’ll shoot you the recorded video of our inspired, Skype-licious time together. You then take over the world, shining bright like a fashion PR diamond.

*As an added bonus, I keep you on my radar as I come across people and opportunities I think might be a fit for you. Don't underestimate the value of my radar - it's powerful stuff.

One powerful, 35-minute session: $75

Let's Make it Happen!

Three times is oh so charming, darling (ongoing support)

If you'd like ongoing support, I'm so here for you, babe. We'll check in over a period of time (you'll just need to use them up within 6 months), whenever you need support or mentorship or just somebody to talk through an idea. Each time we get together, we'll rally like rockstars and I'll help you to get clear on action steps and support systems to keep your career path glowing and you smiling like the PR girl who caught the canary.

3 pack of super-charged 35-minute sessions: $200 (save $25)

Let's Make it Happen!

All my ladies say...

kaeleyAs a recent college graduate looking to pursue my passions, PR and Fashion, Crosby gave me guidance and advice on how to achieve my career goals by re-vamping my online presence. She taught me how to best present my past experiences and to increase my social media and blog presence. Her advice was unique and effective and I would recommend a session with her to anyone. Kaeley Doyle, Fashion PR Intern, People's Revolution


Dara Bu"Crosby's ability to be completely candid and constructive was refreshing and necessary in pushing me toward my career path. I still consider Crosby a reliable resource and mentor - a consulting session with her is invaluable.- Dara Bu, Digital and Social Media/Communications Specialist, Swarovski



Cecilia Gomes"During our consultation, Crosby provided me with creative ideas on how to refine my career search and make my personal brand stand out. Her knowledgable advice was valuable and inspiring. I gained so much clarity and confidence in just under an hour." - Cecelia Gomes, Freelance Fashion PR Specialist



Nacole Gray"After a few years working in fashion PR, social media as well as writing and styling, I needed career direction. Crosby helped me to determine exactly what it is I really love doing, and encouraged me to step away from the work I wasn't excited about. She also gave me some great tips on how to grow my own social media presence and get the word out about my blog. Amazing thing have happened since we spoke, including styling Coco de Ceur's summer look book featuring Audrey Kitching. I can't recommend Crosby enough." - Nacole Gray, TV Host and Style Expert,  Rich Skinny Pretty

sarah-orr"After my session with Crosby I made the suggested updates to my resume, started to explore new social media outlets relevant to my goals, re-vamped my fashion blog and researched the key PR websites she suggested. I now feel much more confident in my abilities and have since started working with Fred Segal to improve the online presence of select boutiques. My One-On-One with Crosby made all the difference and it was absolutely worth the investment! " - Sarah Orr