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Virtual Fashion Showroom Launches Crowdfunding Campaign on Rock the Post

Crowdfunding has launched albums, tech innovations, documentaries and many a fashion label, and now it is being used by a virtual fashion showroom start-up to involve the fashion community with website development and funding to cover staffing needs. The Lane Style House (TLSH)  is a virtual global showroom that connects fashion stylists, editors, press and buyers with emerging and established… More

Chandler Poling, White Bear PR

Front Row Fashion PR: Q&A with Chandler Poling, White Bear PR

Los Angeles-based Chandler Poling has honed his craft working in the fashion and entertainment business as both a producer and publicist. As Vice President for CW3PR,  Chandler ran two successful Emmy Award campaigns and worked second-in-command under Charley Walters to help expand the company from 3 clients to 11 clients in a matter of months, including Kathy Rose of Roseark… More

An expert shares the secrets to celebrity product placement A PR Couture Guest Article by Susan J. Ashbrook

4 Easy Steps to Red Hot, Red Carpet Celebrity Product Placement

Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez are just a few examples of celebrities with tremendous sway over trends in the market, as well as, influence over consumer dollars. Just one twirl on the red carpet can take merchandise from the unknown to a big retail business. Celebrities have become an advertising vehicle—and sometimes at no cost. A hot celebrity… More

Meet Crosby Noricks

Hi. I'm Crosby, Founder of PR Couture, Fashion Brand Strategist and PR Girl Mentor. I care about supporting and celebrating fashion publicists as well as helping companies connect with their audiences in more meaningful ways. Recently, iMedia included me in their annual list of 25 Internet Marketing Leaders and Innovators, along with people from Starbucks, Twitter and Volkswagon, which I think is pretty neat. Like Elle Woods, I am a Gemini-vegetarian (that's about where the similarities end). Let's connect: Check out my full bio, Brand Elixir sessions for brands or shoot me a note at