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Thank you for your interest in penning a bit of thought leadership for PR Couture. We work with contributors in two ways: as recurring writers who commit to a minimum of 2 posts a month, and one-time guest articles.

If you have a helpful, interesting, original and well-crafted article, regular column, or blog post, we’d love to consider it for publication.

“PR Couture has been invaluable to the success of my business. After becoming a contributing writer, my client roster grew exponentially.” – Robin Doyle, Founder, Charmed PR

A few tips before you reach out

We serve 3 main audiences; your article must appeal to at least 1 of them. Consider the needs and interests of:

  • Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle PR & Marketing Professionals
  • Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Communications Students & Entry-Level Folks
  • Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Entrepreneurs & Company Owners

If you’re writing about a 101 or oft-covered topic, find a fresh angle. “How to land a PR Internship,” is okay, but “6 things to do your first day as a PR Intern,” is better.

Posts should be useful and insightful with a clear takeaway or implementation idea.  Aim to educate as well as entertain.

“Being a contributor for PR Couture has been a great asset to my business. I have people contact me all of the time because they saw something I wrote for the website. When PR firms find out that I write for PR Couture, it gives me credibility!” – Rebekah Epstein, Founder, Fifteen Media

Right now we’re especially interested in article ideas that:

  • Take us behind-the-scenes to share the current efforts of lifestyle brands and PR agencies
  • Highlight different emerging platforms, incredible tools, or resources that help drive big results
  • Strong POV articles about industry trends featuring multiple viewpoints
  • Offer real talk about the reality of working in PR, where it’s all headed, and client management
  • Give an in-depth look at a PR campaign from start to finish
  • Interview editors and journalists about their pitch preferences

To suggest a guest article, or discuss becoming a regular contributor, please fill out our Contributor Form below or contact us directly.