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December is among us folks, and we are officially in the throngs of winter. If you’re in the office daydreaming of living in your pajamas and watching Love, Actually on a loop, don’t worry- you’re not alone. We know all too well how difficult it can be to cram a month of work into the few days left before the holidays, which is why we’ve crafted this list of content ideas to help you avoid that pesky festive fatigue and keep you pitching all month long.

1. Baby, it’s cold (so, so unbearably cold) outside- It’s the perfect time to pitch winter statement pieces that stand the test of sub-zero weather and accessories that are fashionable + functional for beating the seasonal chill. Home decor and lifestyle items can also be pitched as the missing pieces to turn a house into an oasis from the harsh weather outdoors.

2. National Letter Writing Day (Dec. 7)- Use this offbeat holiday to write an open letter to your online community or your brand’s followers and let them know what you’re up to in the new year, or simply write a quick note thanking them for their support throughout the year!

3. National Bartender Day (Dec. 8)- Calling all restaurant and hospitality publicists- pick one (or a few) bartenders to highlight on your brand’s social accounts. This is a great way to get venue employees to share brand content, not to mention it’s the perfect excuse for your office to make a happy hour outing. If you aren’t in the hospitality space, a happy hour outing makes the perfect photo-op if you’re running low on social content or need a filler image in between client product photos.

4. Rewind + reflect- Use your company blog or social accounts as outlets to post year-in-reviews or give yourself and your agency a little shameless attention for any major milestones you hit or accomplishments you’ve made this year- you’ve earned it.

5. National Ugly Sweater Day (Dec. 20)- Love ’em or love to hate ’em, there’s no denying our strange obsession with chunky knits in sordid colors. Throw an office ugly sweater decorating party and be sure to snap pics for Instagram!

6. Last-minute gifts- There’s still time to get on those holiday gift lists! If your client has quick-ship or e-gift/certificate options, now’s the time to pitch them as the solution to last-minute shopping anxiety.

7. National Download Day (Dec. 28)- Give your followers a little holiday sweet treat in the form of a free download. This can be anything from social templates to trend forecast guides, etc.

8. Powering through- Holiday lag hits everyone hard with the stress from travel, cold weather and the holiday season. Healthy lifestyle brands, athletic labels, and  brands with planners or cute items for the office can be pitched as the perfect way to refresh and remain productive through the end of the year.

9. Holiday Parties- Pitch any and all clothing items that can go from cubicle to office party and highlight beauty products that can handle wintery chapped lips and dry skin. Home decor and lifestyle brands can also be pitched as the hero items to make any hostess’ life easier.

10. New Year’s resolutions- Self-improvement and healthy lifestyle brands are perfect to pitch as options for people looking to make healthy changes in the new year. Clean beauty brands and ethical fashion lines are also great to pitch as items for people resolving to shop consciously in the new year.



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