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June just snuck right on by and here we are in July aka the month of red white and blue. With summer everything, now is a great opportunity to join in on the following short-lead pitch needs and social media content for your feeds.

(Yes I am a poet and I know it).

1. BBQ + Bonfires – from picnic-ware to beach blankets, bluetooth speakers and recipes for s’mores, there is something about July that drives editors to cover these quintessential summer events. Partner with a few brands or influencers to create your own content, or pitch clients products as the perfect tie-in for hosting a legendary hang.

2. July 11 – Slurpee Day – plan an office trip to your nearest 7-11 and join in on the fun that is Slurpee Day! Hold a contest for most creative shot and have your community vote on the winner, or try your hand at a DIY Froze as a sweet and of the day treat.

3. Staying cool (but also cute) – What are the best ways to stay cool on a hot day? From sticking your sheets into the freezer to living in linen jumpsuits, pitch your best style and summer heatwave tips for a fun roundup.

4. About my sweaty face though – Skincare and makeup changes with the seasons, so for those of you with skincare or beauty brands, pitch your top products for keeping skin safe, supple and glowing all summer long.

5. July 30 – International Friendship Day – Do you have clients who a BFFs and business partners – this is your hot topic to pitch. Of course, this is also a great time to do an appreciation social shout out to your crew (editors, influencers, partners, employees, sixth grade besties) or host a giveaway for a set of besties.

6. Staycation Tips – it’s not always possible to pop on over to that all-inclusive, so how can we all get a taste of a vacation without the price-tag and logistical drama? From highlighting local summer cocktail menus to free museum days, plus movie and music recommendations and the latest looks for the local pool, get in on this timely, editor-friendly story idea

7. Summer love – from sharing stories of love that blossomed under a fiery July sun, to relationships on how to play it cool (ha!), and of course, what to wear on those hot summer date nights, find the romance hiding beneath the blaze.

8. July 17 – World Emoji Day – as expert communicators, plan on sharing just how the emoji has changed how we communicate. Run a fun contest asking your community to name themselves in an emoji in a comment and why for a boost of engagement. Of course, any brands you rep with emoji-style graphics is a must to pitch here.

9. Summer reading list – from beach reads to business books, have your team share their favorite recent read, and pitch your client’s summer reading lists for easy digital content.

10. Dorm room decor – with college campus housing on the horizon, now is a great time to get those co-eds thinking about how they want their dorms rooms and apartments to look this school year.

With an eye toward August, back to school is right around the corner and with it the very last quarter of 2018. Let’s make the most of it.


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