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This summer has flown by and we find ourselves yet again prepping for fall, NYFW and reaching those Q4 business goals. And yet, we have one month left to inflate those kid pools, make boozy popsicles and oh right, pitch the heck out of digital editors for the very end of season fun. While many of our July ideas Below are 10 great angles to work through as you work on accepting the end of summer Fridays.

1. Back to School / Back to Work: Back to school/back to work stories hit all force this month – if you have anything that makes the transition from a lazy summer to getting in gear – whether it’s an organizational tool, time-saving beauty product, or expert who specializes in time management, take advantage and pitch these products/experts to the press!

2. Labor Day: While it might seem like an easy hook, Labor Day always gets ton of traction within lifestyle media! Get creative – whether your brand offers a Labor Day sale or has fun last minute getaway necessities (like travel kits or fun new books that are great plane reads) – go for it!

3. New Season, New You: August is a great month to pitch any transformational stories – whether you have a hair client that can help with revamping your cut for fall or an expert who can give tips on overhauling your bedroom style, August is the perfect time to take advantage of the need to refresh and renew with a new season.

4. Last Days of Summer: August signals the last full month of summer – pitch stories about taking advantage of the warm days. Whether you have a fashion line looking to push the rest of their summer apparel or a mixologist who can talk about what fun drinks you can whip up with the rest of your pineapple vodka, create pitches around people’s desire to make the most of the warm weather while they can!

5. National Relaxation Day (August 15): If you’ve got any loungewear, candles, bath and body, or anything else that can be considered “pampering” pitch for this (much-needed) holiday! Beauty clients can work great as experts for this as well – if they have any at-home spa or self-care tips take advantage of their knowledge!

6. Celebrity Engagements:  (Nick Jonas/Priyanka Chopra, Ariana Grande/Pete Davidson, Justin Bieber/Hailey Baldwin) Summer 2018 has proven to be the summer of whirlwind romances and fast engagements as seen with celebs like Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas! Expert clients like psychologists who can speak to the likelihood of their marriages lasting or body language are great topics. Brands who can deliver last minute engagement necessities are another angle to pitch – even if the average person doesn’t have Hailey and Justin as BFFs, you never know when you’ll need engagement champagne glasses to toast a happy couple!

7. Just Because Day (August 27): “Just Because Day” is a holiday where you don’t need a reason for things you do – whether that be take a spontaneous vacation, compliment a co-worker, or buy fresh flowers for the office! Hold a social contest to see who comes up with the most creative or heart-warming activity!

8. Summer to Fall Transition Routine: Now is a great time to pitch your lightweight cardigans, skin-balancing moisturizers, and even home decor and lifestyle products that work for the weird weather that often comes up in late summer when we never know if we’ll get a mild 75 degree day or humid 95 degrees. If you have experts that can speak to layering fashion pieces, swapping  out your pillows or taking care of your skin during fluctuating weather go ahead and pitch them!

9. National Eat Outside Day (August 31): A great way to celebrate the last day of August! This “holiday” is a perfect opportunity to pitch bug sprays, picnic blankets, wine coolers, and any other fun lifestyle products to have the perfect late summer picnic. Or take the opportunity to have your team do a lunch outside for great social pictures!

10. Summer Cities: There is still time to plan a one-of-a-kind summer experience before the kids go back to school, before Gen Z parts with her BFFs and heads back to the dorms. If you have clients who live in cute charming towns, or who have gone on their own jet-setting adventures earlier in the season, pitch them to provide an insider’s guide to making the most of visiting this new spot, carefully peppered in with client products of course. Travel guides make for a fun way to pair product. point of view and brand storytelling while giving editors a turnkey article to publish.


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