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September is officially here, signaling the end of summer fun and the beginning of all things #pumpkinspice. Here are 10 short-lead pitches and social content ideas to keep you busy all month long and to help your clients (and your Insta feeds!) seamlessly transition into the winter months.

1. Fashion Week- While this seems like a no-brainer for clients that are featured in fashion week shows, brands that are skipping out on the chaos can still get media coverage. London, Paris, and Milan fashion weeks bring a great opportunity to pitch fashion and beauty brands for “travel in style” stories.

2. Self-Improvement Month- Articles about the importance of self-care are popping up everywhere lately, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. Brands in the health, wellness and productivity space should take advantage of this month-long celebration of self, and agencies can write blog and social media posts about self-care and that oh so coveted work/life balance.

3. Chic Halloween- Department stores aren’t the only ones gearing up for Halloween early- now is the time to start pitching your clothing and beauty clients as a classy costume party alternative to spandex and face paint.

4. Hispanic Heritage Month- It’s always the right time to celebrate cultural diversity within your company and minority-led businesses, but this month lends a special opportunity to highlight the accomplishments of Hispanic and Latinx clients and employees.

5. Emmy Awards Viewing (Sept. 14)-  Representing a food or beverage brand that would make the perfect addition to a viewing party menu? A skincare or pajama brand fit for a girls’ night in? There are plenty of ways to tie your clients into an Emmy pitch, even if they didn’t land a spot on the red carpet.

6. Pollution Prevention Week (Sept. 16-22)- Time to let all of your eco-fashion and clean beauty brands shine! Pollution Prevention Week is also a time to promote your small business clients- shopping local cuts down on pollution from large factories and transportation. Don’t be afraid to boast your agency’s green initiatives, either. Did you ride your bikes to the office? Start a new recycling project? Let Instagram know!

7. UN International Day of Peace (Sept. 21)- A great timely hook for companies with a background in peace and social justice or international brands. Other brands and agencies can partner with or donate to peace organizations to make a statement and an impact.

8. Fall Equinox (Sept. 23)- The first official day of fall means it’s time to break out the flannels and start writing for autumn beauty and wardrobe guides. Emphasize skincare products to beat skin dryness and key clothing pieces that transition between seasons.

9. “Cuffing Season”- A chill is in the air, and apparently so is romance. The start of cuffing season is the perfect excuse to pitch your clients as the perfect date night destination, or work them into a piece about a cozy night in with beau.

10. National Coffee Day (Sept. 29)- Where would we all be without our office Keurigs? This #NationalCoffeeDay warrants a shameless latte art pic (not that we’ve ever needed an excuse) and a social post as an ode to everyone’s favorite pick-me-up.


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