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What does Workhouse Publicity stand for?

Inventive. In a word, that’s what our firm Workhouse Publicity is all about. For more than 10 years Workhouse Publicity has specialized in public relations and brand development. We primarily focus on high-end international lifestyle clients including luxury and restaurant, consumer products, fashion and publishing, celebrity, design and travel and have always approached our client campaigns through a long-term perspective. Workhouse maintains a unique pedigree of personal attention while adding new dimensions of promotional service to our diverse but like-minded roster. Renowned for our meticulous attention to detail, uncompromising quality and high aesthetical standards, we have carved a rich niche within the cultural sector. The new definition of a full-service promotional firm, we specialize in the coordination of corporate and celebrity publicity, total design, special events and luxury marketing. See it for yourself. Visit

What are Workhouse PR’s areas of expertise?

Workhouse Publicity began as a celebrity PR firm whose clients included Tim Burton, Debbie Harry, David LaChapelle and Lennox Lewis. As such, we were forced early on to become proficient in many different fields. As a young entrepreneur who started a fledgling company which media had never heard of I had to do something that we would never subscribe to a prospective client: We had to get famous fast! It worked for us. Today our company focuses on clients who work across many sectors including art, business, charity, fashion, food, film, luxury, music and special events. As a company we remain not particularly niche and have a pretty diverse client roster which means we’re approached by industry from all sides. When reviewing new business I tend to look beyond the flash. Its an entirely egoless process. We tend to focus on the angles. The possibilities. At the end of the day, I just want to deliver the goods while maintaining a strong reputation in the field. Members Only jackets aren’t only popular because of their vintage appeal, but because the label itself denotes a product that is exclusive, and therefore, lust-worthy. That I’d say more than anything is our expertise. Making clients lust-worthy.

Who is on the Workhouse PR client roster?

Workhouse Publicity has proudly served as the Agency of Record for an array of international clients exclusively handling domestic and Canadian media and event services. Many have chosen us as their first American agency. A partial listing of our international clients includes Carl F. Bucherer the $600 million dollar watch & jewelry brand, the Italian haberdashery Borrelli, Japan’s national treasure designer Lee Young Hee, the French fashion house Philippe Adec, Zimmerli of Switzerland, Assouline Editions and Rizzoli International Publications to name a few. We have been charged with the development of brand positioning through a host of services including public relations, sponsorship, promotion and special events. Workhouse Publicity produced gala events such as Francis Ford Coppola’s Festa Macaroni, Interview Magazine’s 30th Anniversary, Virgin Megastore’s Grand Opening and Galleries Lafayette’s 20th Anniversary in Paris, France. We have produced affairs in such diverse locals as Soho House, Harlem’s legendary Apollo Theater, Gracie Mansion, Harry Winston and The Algonquin Hotel and worldwide celebrity campaigns have included promotional initiatives for Sean ”P Diddy” Combs, Tim Burton, Debbie Harry, David LaChapelle, Lennox Lewis, Metallica and Rocky Aoki. Store launches for Diane von Furstenberg, Carolina Herrera, Donna Karan, Philip Treacy, Coach and Coty have taken place at such illustrious retailers as Bergdorf Goodman, Henri Bendel, Versace and Saks Fifth Avenue.I subscribe to Andy Warhol’s philosophy and like to mix it up.

What makes Workhouse PR unique?

Effective Exposure. Workhouse Publicity is a one-stop shop whose value can be found in the creation of publicity, marketing, advertising, design and special events. By mixing our own creative methodology with traditional Public Relations, Workhouse distinguishes our clients through successful and stylish campaigns. Our firm services a wide variety of clients from notable celebrities and entertainment entities to restaurants and luxury good retailers. Whether you’re Fortune 500 or a boutique enterprise. From the beginning, we have found that selectivity is the key and our hands-on approach is strikingly unique in today’s competitive market. Workhouse Publicity provides customized service, original thinking and personal attention in order to increase our client’s public awareness. I’m always drawn to clients who understand the essence of image and I’m kinda of a sucker for nostalgia. So when I think of glamorous clientele I think of the new breed like fashion designer Thom Browne, filmmaker Mathieu Kassovitz— but I also think of those toiling through the grit of it everyday like prize fighters and rodeo stars. Sometimes controversy is the best client and that’s an area we thrive in. What makes us unique? Our understanding of Innovative decadence.

How does Workhouse PR go above and beyond expectations?

I’d say that we always work with the goal of revamping tradition and revolutionizing traditional boutique work by offering modern, innovative, cost-effective ideas. Our team whose experience in publicity, promotion, guerilla marketing, street team services, production and the design industries have proven brand awareness which allows for the highest quality promotion through the best possible budgets. We approach it like advertising. Fresh design concepts can be illustrated through outlandish decor treatments or spectacular promotional strategies. These generate innovative image solutions for result-oriented businesses. By strengthening brand identity through ingenious graphic materials campaigns attract a commanding presence.

How does Workhouse PR measure its success rate?

We measure it everyday by asking a simple question: Have you heard of our clients?

What kind of employee would thrive at Workhouse PR? What are you looking for?

We look for diamond in the rough qualities which are just as important to me as your hand shake and signature. Character and integrity. I’m a softee for those who possess strong verbal and written communication skills. Anyone that attempts to make themselves invaluable is my kind of person. Which is really how you rise above and become a team leader in a fast-paced, multi-issue environment. Multi task, have good long-term campaign skills, excellent writing and tremendous creativity are the perfect ingredients. As an industry in flux, most young PR professionals tend to be renaissance-minded anyway dabbling in a number of different trades. As such their circles are diverse and their talents unorthodox. That’s the perfect Workhouse Publicity employee.

What are three upcoming trends (can be cultural, industry, media, or fashion related) on your radar?

The biggest trends of the year will be chocolates from Alison Nelson’s Chocolate Bar, the CEO Martini from Chopin Vodka and any book produced by Rizzoli International publications.

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