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fprfA few fashion schools (via

  • Fashion schools all across the country offer opportunities to get a degree in a variety of specialized fashion topics. The most popular fashion schools are located in California and New York but there are other great schools nationwide as well.

Twitter 101 shares best practices for brands in first step toward monetization (via NYT)

  • Twitter unveiled Twitter 101, a series of Web pages and a downloadable slideshow that explain what Twitter is and how businesses can use it, along with case studies of a few companies that use Twitter.

The London College of Fashion’s new Schway (via Kingdom of Style)

  • …the London College of Fashion [is] allowing visitors to their site to use an application called Schway, which lets you dress up a mannequin in the looks they have put on their site.

The end of Shiny Media (via Telegraph)

  • I only ever viewed blogging as a means of publishing content online. Blogs are written in a very specific style, but that style is one that suits the web – which is one reason why Shiny Media got so much more traffic than some of the awful women’s sites produced by old media publishers. I loved and understood the blogging world, but we were online publishers first and bloggers second. If I were to start it all again now, I’d create websites but maintain the same style guide.

Copy of an imitation (via The Coveted)

  • Ann Kathrin Rohr and Saskia Hammen took inspiration from the notion of copying in the fashion industry. Their collection Copy of an Imitation, as their need to copy because there is nothing new out there. “Especially in fashion there are an awful lot of copies. We have tried to copy a positive influence in the work, “says Saskia.
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