Fashion PR Fridays: Fashion, PR & Marketing Links 9.16.11

Dior is making an offer to Marc Jacobs and business partner, Robert Duffy, that is going to be hard to refuse. Rumors of salaries over $10 million are circulating which would bump Jacobs up to one of  the highest paid designers. (via The High Low)

Gossip Girl is taking its fashion influences to the next level by releasing a clothing line inspired by the show this Fall. After years of the show being aired on TV, it begs one to wonder why it took them so long? (via Fashionista)

All the buzz about the Missoni for Target collection finally exploded when the collection was released this week. Not only did the Target website crash, but now there is a large selection of the products on eBay that are selling for way more than the in-store prices. (via MSNBC)

With a huge resurgence in 3D film lately, its no surprise that the fashion world is following suit. Norma Kamali launched an interactive e-commerce site that features a 3D video that she hopes will help revolutionize the shopping experience. (via Fashionably Marketing)

Jordi Constans is to succeed Yves Carcelle  as CEO at popular LVMH brand Louis Vuitton by 2013. (via Market Watch)