Ebay’s Holiday Pop-Up, the History of the Hashtag & Rent the Runway’s Private Label

  • Where is fashion publishing going next? (via ID Vice)
  • Not thrilled with your Christmas present? Ebays mall pop-ups are turning your returns into cash. (via Racked)
  • What GQ is doing to up its influencer marketing game. (via Digiday)
  • A  London startup is “publishing” clothes on command, all designed by you. (via Forbes)
  • For fashion brands, Instagram is the all important platform to use and conquer. What tips would you add? (via Fashionista)
  • Taking time to daydream and how it can help your career. (via LinkedIn)
  • From pound sign to all mighty search tool, how the hashtag came to be one of the most powerful elements in social media. (via Short Stack)
  • A few of our favorite holiday movies and the marketing lessons they can teach us. (via LinkedIn Marketing Blog)
  • An interesting look at Rent the Runway’s private label and why (via BuzzFeed News)

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Photo Credit: AnnieAnniePancake

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