A Birkin Bag Investment, Media Relations & New Periscope Streaming

A Birkin Bag Investment, Media Relations & New Periscope Streaming
  • Being in the blogosphere isn’t just a hobby. It’s creating powerful, influencing brands – and they’re not going anywhere soon. (via WWD)
  • Check out Allure magazine brand spankin new team. (via Fashion Week Daily)
  • Rising States store owner Megan Delaney brings her grandmother’s aesthetic to Manhattan’s Lower East Side. (via New York Times)
  • Freelancing? Not sure how to set a pricing structure? This can help. (via Create Cultivate)
  • Ad blocking takeaways all PR pros should know about. (via PR News)
  • Periscope just launched a new in-streaming component, and it’s a pretty big deal. (via LinkedIn)
  • What Urban Decay is doing to sell $4 million worth of makeup (that’s a lot of eyeshadow!) on Instagram. (via Digiday)
  • The changing world of media relations and how it’s part of a larger communications campaign. (via Tabish Bhimani)
  • Not sure where to invest? It’s ok, if you invest in a Birkin bag, the return may actually be better than stock. Who knew! (via Racked)
  • Feel the love! Tiffany & Co. wants customers to share what love means to them in their new campaign. (via Luxury Daily)

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