Why Wonder Woman, Ghostwriting for Influencers & Best Work Apps

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…for the week of June 5, 2017

The newer generation of working millennial’s are focusing on power: how to get it, how to keep it and how not to apologize for it (via Story)

Faith Xue talks about her experience ghost writing for the hottest bloggers and internet influencers right now (via Marie Claire)

If you are an avid Office watcher like us, you know all about Pam and Angela’s party planning committee, but how do you survive the drama of office committees in real life? (via Bridget Forney on LinkedIn)

Airbnb made an ad calling out the gap in marriage equality in Australia (via Ad Week)

Apple made a list of 2017’s best apps. The roundup includes great work apps like Bear, a slick note-taking tool (via Tech Crunch)

Brands are inventing roles in their company for A-list celebrities. We have seen this work successfully with Rihanna in the Feny X Puma collection (via Digiday)

Jen Rubio, co-founder and president of Away luggage company is on a mission to make travel streamlined and smart. Here are productivity tips she swears by, how she prevents burnout and more (via Entrepreneur)

“We Wear Art Culture” is a Google initiate launched by google programmer Kate Lauterbach which will work to digitize the fashion world for all the internet to view (via Business of Fashion)

It took 75 years to bring Wonder Woman to the big screen. Why does the world need Wonder Woman now? (via Time)

We all are our worst critic. 9 things you should stop saying immediately if you want to succeed (via Business Insider)

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