10 Holiday Gift Guide Pitch Tips + Sample Outreach Email

Magazines like Real Simple, InStyle, Shape and others are closing their holiday gift guides soon. This means if you haven’t gotten those holiday pitches out you are missing one of the biggest PR opportunities – one that comes around only ONCE each year.

Below you’ll find a 10-step checklist/tips sheet to make the most of of the remaining days in July:


  • Choose your most "giftable" items and focus on those 2-3 for holiday pitching. This is not the time to send over everything you've got.
  • Take a look at previous gift guides to get ideas about what type of products, price points and themes are likely to be planned for this year.
  • Many of the major magazines wrap up gift guides in July and August. If you miss a print deadline, pitch the online website instead.
  • Unless you can absolutely be sure you have the one-and-only, patent-pending item, avoid using terms like unique, one-of-a-kind. Instead, create a story around products that connect your product to the gifting theme of the holiday season.
  • Do something special/noteworthy! Make a popular or price-friendly item special for the holiday by offering it in a limited-edition color, offering a gift with purchase, complimentary gift-wrapping or a charitable/cause integration.
  • Assembling Holiday Gift Guides requires more effort than you'd think; if you don't hear back, keep the faith - editors will often come back months later with a sample request.
  • It's not just about the product - make sure your website and social presence are updated and align with the aesthetic of the outlets you are pitching.
  • Don’t choose to pitch items that take a long time to make or ship, or that are obviously out of season (you're pitching for winter, despite the current season!)
  • Think outside the box - HGG's are not always simply "Gifts for Her," think about other gift themes that will capture an editor's eye like "Gifts for your crazy roommate," "What to get the boss babe who has everything."
  • Do plan on doing a round of follow-up emails - when you do, try and send over something new - an image, alternate angle, or reorganize your pitch information.

Sample Pitch

Dear Liz,

It was so great to see you last week and catch up briefly – I hope that cold has firmly left the building!

As you’re working on another round of always-amazing  2017 Holiday Gift Guides, I’d love for you to consider the idea of custom perfumes for a signature, one-of-a-kind gift.

Coco + Custard has developed a powerful process on their website technique that results in a beautifully composed fragrance that matches one’s personality.

For the holidays, we have gift cards available and special red velvet and gold packaging. Pricing ranges from $45 to $545.

[insert product photo]

The process of formulating all-natural, personalized perfumes is a fascinating and sophisticated craft your savvy readers will enjoy gifting to their list this year!

Please let me know if I can send over a complimentary code so you can experience the process yourself, hi-res product images or additional information.

I look forward to working together!


PS: For more help pitching magazine editors, check out this free training from our friends at MEDIA LEADS – their subscription service connects editors directly with product-based business which we LOVE (and why we are a proud affiliate partner!).

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