5 Tools to Track Social Media Sales

Social media is always growing and changing. There are now a variety of ways to utilize Instagram, Facebook and other platforms. One of these ways is an e-commerce business. It’s becoming common to see individuals utilizing these platforms to connect their brands with sales. With this, social media accounts have become useful and multifaceted, as they let users turn their posts into sales.

Here are 5 tools we recommend taking advantage of to get a better handle on how social is driving brand sales.

1. LiketoKnow.it

With LiketoKnow.it, shopping images for Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and other mobile platforms is made simple. Influencers tag products in their images and when screenshotted or liked, LiketoKnow.it will deliver ready-to-shop product details vie the app and email. This pits the product at the buyer’s fingertips.

2. Olapic

Olapic transforms Instagram into your e-commerce storefront by linking each photo tag to product pages. Olapic’s simple 3-step process – curate, activate, analyze – has been used by social savvy brand like Free People and Lululemon. These steps allow you to increase engagement and performance on your channel then track your performance.

3. Shopseen

This tool is a multi-channel product listing and inventory management tool. Shopseen allows you to sell on different platforms and manage products all in one place through integration with Square – products can be easily added, inventory is automatically updated and shipping labels are created quickly. Through a Shopseen link on your profile, buyers can shop your feed.

4. Soldsie

Soldsie makes it easy for users to purchase directly from a seller’s Instagram and Facebook through a unique URL. On Instagram, sellers can place their custom link in their bio for easy access to the products featured on their Instagram feed. As for Facebook, buyers can purchase products by commenting on a photo, and Soldsie will automatically forward an invoice for checkout. This tool eliminates the back and forth process, making it simpler for both procedures and consumers.

5. Shopial

Already have an online store? Shopial acts as a gateway between your Facebook or Pinterest page and your website where you sell products. Through Shopial, your Facebook or Pinterest will be turned into a customizable shop or catalog. You are given the tools to promote your product and page and detailed analytics are available to track your success.

Merging your products and social media platforms will save you time and regular cross promotion of products will help to encourage engagement and sales, meeting customers where they are already spending so much of their time. We look for tools that make the buying and selling experience easy to use for both the brand and the customer, simplicity of design, ease of checkout and valuable reporting and insights are key when choosing a third-party sales tracking system for social media.

About This Author

Originally from Manhattan Beach, Britta moved home to the South Bay from San Diego after graduation. After dabbling a bit in event planning and social media management careers, Britta came across an internship at BLND PR. She loved the location & culture of BLND and after interviewing for the internship Britta knew this is where she wanted to be. Britta excelled in her work as an intern at BLND and was hired on after her internship and immediately took on 2 new clients driving marketing, advertising and public relations campaigns that successfully launched products including Footnanny Foot Cream (seen in Oprah’s Favorite Things). Britta went on to establish these companies in their markets – while leveraging content, thought leadership and social media to grow online visibility, amplify brand awareness, generate leads and increase their SEO footprint. Britta is known for her work ethic, creativity, and dedication to detail. Her favorite things about working at BLND are that no two days are the same and the wide array of lifestyle clients that she gets to work with.