The Editor Exodus, Fashion Week Drama & Nordstrom without Clothes

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…for the week of September 11, 2017


It wouldn’t be fashion week without drama (via Guest of a Guest)

The FTCs crackdown on celebrity social content continues (via Consumerist)

Causing difficulty when marketing to men, a study shows recycling and other green initiatives are considered to be “feminine”  – and yes, apparently that is a bad thing (via Broadly)

Top agency Bollare breaks down what it takes to navigate the fashion PR industry with ease and confidence (via Swaay)

Melissa Duren Connor, partner at JBC, spills about the changing landscape of PR (via The Loose Threads)

Cindi Leive, Editor-in-Chief of Glamour,  is quitting (via The New York Times)

Amidst news like the above, is the era of the celebrity editor, over? (via NY Post)

Yuli Ziv, Author, CEO at Style Coalition and one of top women in tech in NYC gets real about what it takes to succeed (via Alley Watch)

Read these tips before popping in front of the video camera next time (via Ed 2010)

Have you watched the trailer for PRGirl yet? (via PRGirl)

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