The Future of Fashion PR, the Google Disconnect & Lessons from Lush

 Fashion PR Fridays: Top Fashion, Public Relations, Marketing and Social Media News

…for the week of October 16, 2017

Instagram is changing the fashion industry,  says Eva Chen (via Vogue UK)

Believe it or not, your LinkedIn profile says more about you than your website (via Social Media Today)

Lush is killing it in ecommerce! Here’s what you can learn from their success (via Marketing Week)

Refine your pitches with these “ABC’s” for success (via PR Daily)

Is Hollywood’s problem solved through the addition of more female’s in charge? (via Quartz)

Check out why brands are missing out on potential revenue in mobile retail (via Fashionista)

Some of the biggest PR specialists discuss how the fashion PR world is evolving (via Business of Fashion)

Keep your team motivated and focused during the holiday season (via Entrepreneur)

Why the masterminds behind Google and Facebook are now disconnecting themselves from the Internet (via The Guardian)

8 books you MUST read, from forward-thinkers who paved the way for modern times (via Elle)

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