Gucci’s Millennial Tribunal, Agency Stress & Instagram in 2018

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…for the week of October 23, 2017

Who knew a team of millennials served as an “shadow” advisory board for Gucci?! (via Quartz)

Across the country, US fashion businesses are taking public stances on political issues (via BBC)

What augmented reality has to say about your skin (via Racked)

Check out what customers value most when it comes to personalized marketing (via McKinsey & Company)

6 ways to recover if your brand is stuck in a social media nightmare (via PR News)

How fashion icon Anna Wintour made a lasting impact on culture (via Adweek)

The truth about stress and why your agency should take it easy on junior staff (via Marketing Week)

Social media news can turn from fact to fiction in the blink of an eye (via The New York Times)

2018 is fast approaching! Read about the latest marketing predictions for Instagram in the new year (via Social Media Today)

Fashion brands look to Silicon Valley for fashion sustainability (via Fashionista)

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