PRGirl is Ready to Binge, Generation Z for Marketers, & Overcoming PR Obstacles

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…for the week of October 9, 2017


The Hills heads to Chicago…sort of. The first 5 episodes of PRGirl are here! Watch episode 1 below!

Generation Z thinks far differently than any other generation so far. Here’s what progressive marketers should expect! (via Retail DIVE)

Online fashion startup develops groundbreaking technology (via Quartz)

4 PR obstacles and how to overcome them like a pro (via PR Daily)

What Apple’s CEO has to say about augmented reality in the fashion industry (via Vogue UK)

How “the glitch” is paving the future for designers (via Ad Week)

5 ways you can support gender equality & women around the globe (via Elle)

Instagram’s new feature can benefit your brand more than you may think (via Social Media Today)

Kate Spade said to launch a book featuring the lives of women throughout history (via Fashion Network)

Influencers continue to disclose what brands pay them for featured content (via WWD)

You might want to think twice before posting on the internet (via Mashable)

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