Fashion PR Friday 15 With Medeiros Fashion PR

Welcome to our first installment of Fashion PR Fridays: The Monthly PRCC Edition. Each month, we’ve invited a member of our PR Couture Council members to curate a selection of a industry news,  tools and other fun stuff capturing their interest at the moment.

Name: Emma Medeiros

Title: President

Agency: Medeiros Fashion PR

Location: Boston/ NYC

Find us online: @Mederiosfashionpr

5 Things About Medeiros Fashon PR

  1. Our Mission: The power of the plus size movement is being realized, and we are determined to give plus size designers, models, photographers, and other talented, creative people the voice that they deserve.

2. Get to know a few of our clients:

Agency Superpower: Because we specialize in the plus size fashion industry, our clients know that every single one of our connections is relevant to them and we won’t waste a single dime of their money or moment of our time.

Recent Agency Win: We are the official PR agency and media sponsor for District of Curves, the premier Full Figured Fashion Showcase in the Washington DC area. Hosted by plus supermodel Liris Crosse, this week-long event kicks off on Sunday, April 15th, with the Opening Brunch & Body Positive Discussion Panel. The rest of the week treats attendees to events on business development, marketing and branding, health and wellness, the very first DMV PLUS AWARDS, and even a Big & Tall Menswear Showcase, all culminating in the DOC Finale showcase, which will debut the hottest up and coming designers as well as the latest collections from past favorites.

Currently Looking for: Medeiros Fashion PR is always open to talking with potential new clients, especially those who bring something truly unique to the industry.

5 things about emma

Q: Rise and shine: what are the first three things you do after waking up in the morning?

  1. Angrily slap the alarm clock until it finally stops its annoying buzzing.
  2. Snuggle with Guinevere, my kitty, who jumps up on the bed and instantly improves my mood! 
  3. Sneak into the bathroom to wash up before my husband can see that I’m not exactly camera-ready first thing in the morning. Even though he knows, obviously, I still prefer not to remind him!

Q: Sip and savor: what's your go-to drink to fuel your busy day?

Believe it or not, milk. I go through about 3 gallons of skim milk per week and I’m trying to convince my husband to buy a cow because it will save us a ton of money. Of course, we may have a hard time finding grazing land in the city…

Q: #Obsessed: What's something you recently discovered that you can’t live without?

Poshmark – I find new or almost new clothes, shoes, and accessories there for a fraction of the cost. For example, brand new $70 Lane Bryant jeans for $20. Uh, yes, please!

Q: Fill in the blank: You know you work in PR when...

You don’t post a single thing on social media without first considering how it will reflect on your brand!

Q: My Two Cents: What piece of advice do you love to share?

Know what makes you different! One of my professors in college told us a story about when he was job hunting many years ago. He went into an interview prepared to answer the typical questions, such as what his strengths and weaknesses were. Instead, though, the interviewer started with this question: “What makes you so f*cking special?!” He didn’t censor, by the way; I’m being nice. Needless to say, my professor was completely caught off guard and was sputtering while trying to come up with an answer. The interviewer then thanked him for coming in and told him to leave. Talk about brutal!

The moral of the story, though, is that, however you phrase it, that’s what customers want to know. 

What are 5 things on your radar?

  1. In Italy, 25 Italian women recently stripped down to their underwear in a publicity stunt that was then covered by international media. I love that these women were not afraid to brave public scrutiny (and freezing temperatures) to encourage women of ALL shapes and sizes to love themselves.

2. In a similar vein, plus-size male models banded together to reenact a Calvin Klein shoot.  It was so encouraging to see plus-size MEN take a stand against impossible standards of beauty. If plus-size women have been ignored until recently, the poor boys haven’t even been on the radar so photo shoots this turn on the spotlight.

3. My Social Curator is a tool I recently discovered while watching the most helpful, practical webinar I’ve ever seen, Jasmine’s Star’s “How to Plan, Create, and Execute a Month of Social Media Posts in ONE Day.” For $25/month, this program makes it so that you only need to spend one day per month working on your social media instead of hours every day.

4. PR, Marketing and Media Czars is a private Facebook group full of publicists helping other publicists! It’s also used by journalists and freelance writers so it’s a great place to find story opportunities for clients.

5. The WSJ recently reported that venture capitalists are now investing in plus size fashion. Articles like this always crack me up because investors are just now realizing how powerful the plus-size purse is. I could have told you that 5 years ago and made you a ton of money!

Thanks Emma!

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