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Pitching a new client always entails a bit of the unknown, but having a stellar PR proposal deck on hand will always set you up for success. Instead of popping into Powerpoint to put together a ho-hum, cookie-cutter pitch deck, put your design cap on and think outside of the box to curate a gorgeous, on-brand proposal that will wow potential clients from start to finish, establish your business as an expert and position you to ask for top dollar.

Ready to step up your PR pitch deck game and look more legit than ever before as an agency or solo PR practitioner? Here are three proposal design hacks to help get you started!

Proposal decks are meant to be visual, so make a point to show (rather than solely explain!) the results that you’ve driven for clients.

Incorporate high-resolution graphics and photography.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but we can’t stress enough that no one enjoys receiving a proposal full of blurry photography or outdated, clunky graphics. Even if you’re running low on assets for the new business that you’re pitching, there is always a way to design an on-brand presentation that cohesively shares your capabilities from start to finish.

For high-resolution icons and graphics that can be peppered throughout your pitch deck, look to The Noun Project, which offers free and paid plans for unlimited access to their graphics.

Need a few high-quality stock photos…but don’t want them to give off an outdated vibe? Check out Unsplash, which houses thousands of royalty-free stock photography with a modern aesthetic (hello, flatlays!) that represent nearly every industry.

Show – rather than tell – the results that you’re capable of driving.

Proposal decks are meant to be visual, so make a point to show (rather than solely explain!) the results that you’ve driven for clients through screenshots of past press hits, infographics sharing impressive impression metrics and more.

For event-based clients, provide ample pictures from successful pop-ups, conferences and dinners that were a hit with your client, complete with client testimonials.

By sharing tangible examples of successful media placements and event executions, you’ll make a lasting impression with the potential client in no time.

Don’t forget value-add content.

When designing your PR proposal, remember to incorporate as much value-add content throughout the pitch deck as possible. What do we mean by this? Check out the proposal page example above that includes a value-add call-to-action!

If you’re sharing a screenshot of a press hit that’s a bit on the long side and won’t fully fit in the deck, ensure that your final deck PDF is exported as an interactive PDF (rather than a print-only PDF) to ensure that the potential client can click-through to the full piece online.

The same goes for multimedia content: for past client work examples that may entail TV or radio press, make sure that your deck directs the potential client to the relevant YouTube link to radio sound bite of the press feature.

Before you hit send on your next proposal, remember to keep high-quality visuals and value-add top-of-mind. Your potential client will notice the extra details, and you’ll be that much more prepared to bring in the new business!

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Lindsay Scholz is a brand designer and social media strategist at Lindsay Scholz LLC, where she helps creatives and small businesses establish a purposeful digital presence. Prior to venturing into small business ownership, Lindsay held various roles in PR, advertising and social media with notable companies like national footwear corporation Caleres, Inc. and J. Walter Thompson Atlanta, where her expertise and work in digital marketing was featured by the likes of USA Today, Fast Company and Huffington Post Live. Lindsay currently resides in St. Louis, MO with her husband and two dogs, Brooke and River.

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