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Snapchat can be a challenging social channel to navigate for businesses, if only because it feels like one more platform to manage. But if there is one industry that has proven any brand can successfully engage with customers on Snapchat, it’s fashion. Fashion houses like Rebecca Minkoff started experimenting with Snapchat early on, but it really became the go-to social channel during February’s New York Fashion Week. Brands offered behind the scenes looks at some of the week’s most high profile, invite-only runway shows, allowing fans from all over the globe an immediate, video-driven perspective, unlike anything they experienced to date.

Since fashion week, fashion companies continue to experiment on the platform. Make sure you are following the following 3 labels when seeking inspiration for your own Snapchat brand strategy to reach consumers 13-34.

Lilly Pulitzer on Snapchat for Retail Strategy

Lilly Pulitzer (@lilly_pulitzer) has a loyal fan base that spans across multiple generations, including millennials. On Snapchat, their strategy seems to be – build anticipation for what’s to come – and drive customers in-store. This is primarily accomplished through behind the scenes access to photo shoots of their upcoming collections to tours of in-store merchandise,

Lilly Pulitzer, who is represented by top fashion PR firm LaForce + Stevens, was also the first fashion brand to take advantage of custom geofilters as both a branding and promotional tool. Utilizing this feature increases user engagement and allows customers to serve as brand ambassadors and increase brand awareness. Each user who shares a Snapchat using the geofilter is reaching people who don’t already follow Lilly Pulitzer, sparking interest and potentially reaching new followers.

Snapchat contributes to Lilly’s growth among millennials, as many are eager to share the Lilly love.

Follow Free People on Snapchat for Brand Loyalty Tactics

Similarly to Lilly Pulitzer, Free People (@freepeople) uses Snapchat to preview new collections. While Free People is certainly aware that Snapchat can’t directly measure sales, the brand recognizes that the platform as a powerful means to generate community engagement.

One unique way Free People engages and grow their audience is by inviting followers to ask and answer questions. Brand representatives will ask customers questions about their weekend plans, for example, boosting the lifestyle aspect of Free People’s brand identity. Free People demonstrates that Snapchat contributes to customer engagement and the connection between a brand and its fans that helps to build trust and loyalty.

Follow ASOS on Snapchat for Marketing Tactics

ASOS (@asosfashion), was a Snapchat early adopter, joining the app in 2013. Asos shares all types of content, but has become known for sharing exclusive, time-sensitive discount codes to Snapchat followers, which both rewards fans for paying attention, and puts Snapchat squarely as a strategy to drive sales.

Combing short-term discounts with Snapchat’s own 24-hour cycle is an obvious tie-in that aligns with the nature of the app itself.

In 2015, ASOS said that while they can’t formally measure engagement on Snapchat, ASOS wants to be in any space where its customers are – and they will continue to use the app. Of course, discount codes are one way they can absolutely track the effectiveness of using Snapchat as a marketing channel.

If you’ve yet give Snapchat a try, consider this your warning. Let’s just call Snapchat the new Instagram and accept it’s the next stop on the social media train. The good news is that this app is a great platform to experiment and test different types of content. Most importantly, listen to your followers and find out what they like.

Whether you are a fashion powerhouse or a new retailer just getting started, take a few tips from these brands and start including Snapchat as part of your marketing strategy.

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