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Written by Lindsey Smolan

We all know that the media industry is changing (RIP my beloved fashion mags!) but just because print is waning doesn’t mean that beauty publicists don’t have any options for growing brand awareness for clients in their roster! There are many ways to entice the general public and get them hooked on your brand outside of the traditional publicity approach. Read on to see some of my favorite ways to boost a brand’s profile not involving media relations!

1. Secure a Brand Partnership

Buddy up with like-minded brands that aren’t direct competitors and pool your resources for a win-win situation for everyone! For example, if you work with a natural skincare brand, look into partnering up with non-beauty brands in the wellness space, such as yoga or meditation brands. The ways you can partner up are endless – one popular technique is doing a joint giveaway where you each give something from your brand to the winner and promote it on social media, through your email marketing list, and on your website. Other partnerships might include hosting an editor/influencer event together or even creating a co-branded item. You’ll reach a far bigger audience and the ROI can be great – everyone wins!

2. Execute a brand activation or local event

Following up on the point above, depending on your city and demographic, events can be a great way to build buzz and draw brand awareness. You can create a fun theme for your guests – whether it’s a media or consumer event – and you don’t have to break the bank to do so either! As mentioned above, partnering with like-minded brands can be helpful for events – you can split costs for venues, food/drink and other expenses, or you might be able to partner up with a brand that can provide you their services/products for a lower cost or even at no cost if you promote them and invite key media/influencers. Create hashtags and fun activations (ie a create your own makeup shade or matching your lip gloss to your favorite cocktail) for guests and consider a giveaway of product/services for guests who have the most creative photos or use of the hashtag to entice them to post on their social media platforms.

The ways you can partner up are endless – one popular technique is doing a joint giveaway where you each give something from your brand to the winner and promote it on social media, through your email marketing list, and on your website.

3. Explore a new social media platform

If you make a beauty product it’s likely that your demographic is on social media quite a bit! From mainstays like Facebook and Instagram to new kids on the block including TikTok, the reach of social media is huge. Make sure you take advantage of it with your account! Ensure that your accounts are places your consumers want to go and that all accounts truly reflect the brand and your messaging. Follow hashtags that align with your brand and engage with posts that make sense for your brand. And be sure to post beautiful imagery that is on-brand – the visuals are what draw people in!

4. Celebrity Endorsements/Ambassadors

If you have clients that are more visual in nature (think makeup and nail polish as opposed to supplements or perfume) and they have a budget, consider sponsoring a celebrity beauty expert for an appearance for their talent. While not inexpensive, this is a great way to get your brand aligned with celebrities and create a presence at these appearances. Costs do vary greatly and be prepared to negotiate a bit – sponsoring an A-lister at the Oscars will vary greatly from an up-and-comer at the Teen Choice Awards, but ensure whomever you choose makes sense for your brand’s demographic. You’ll also be signing a contract with the artist’s agency/management company for deliverables – standard asks include the artist posting 1-2x on social media and tagging the brand, getting quotes from the artist and a full look breakdown that you can use in press outreach, and making the artist available for a certain number of interviews with key media.

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