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We’ve all been hearing a lot about storytelling, branded content and brand journalism lately. This summer I moderated a panel about harnessing the power of storytelling for marketing success in Denver and San Diego, and contributed three articles to Fast Company on the subject. I love the conversation because it removes much of what marketing conversations typically focus on – ROI, metrics, tactics – and opens up opportunities for brands to truly consider what they stand for, what moves them, and where the customer fits into that overall journey.

One of the most powerful pieces of content for any brand is a video that clearly establishes both the history and forward momentum of a company. I’ve been collecting examples for a couple of months now (it’s surprising how many brands don’t have an about us-style video) and have assembled 5 of them here for review.


This behind-the-scenes Minnetonka video strikes a nice balance between history, growth and multiple perspectives – designers, boutique owners and fans, to name a few.


This video from Imogene + Willie is an incredible tale of craftsmanship and family that anchors the brand not only in a love story between two people, but place and aesthetic.  I lost track of time watching it, and it left me feeling inspired and a motivated to find my own version of a Nashville gas station turned picker’s paradise. It’s a little long for those of us with Internet ADD, but I don’t think it was made for the random passer-bye. Much like Imogene + Willies own process, it’s something to be savored.

Aloha Sunday

Less Narrative than a traditional “about us” piece, The Making of Aloha Sunday nonetheless clearly articulates the brands affinity for surfing, while introducing the boutiques new storefront in San Diego, largely constructed by reclaimed wood and salvaged materials trucked down from Northern, Oregon. It builds curiosity and begs for a bit more information, but perhaps the goal is to pique curiosity just enough to drive people in-store.

Dr. Martens

In almost ten minutes, Dr. Martens explores how an invention turned into working class fashion statement about rebellion and grew to iconic status.

 Warby Parker

Instead of a brand produced video, take a look at how a print mainstay, Time Magazine, chose to tell the for-benefit Warby Parker story. It’s a story arc – and business model – worth reviewing.

What are your favorite ‘about us” videos? I’d love to discover more!

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