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At PR Couture HQ we love a good newsletter (and we love every time you let us know how much you rely on and look forward to receiving the Weekly in your inbox each Friday!). As such I thought it high time I share a few of my favorites that I find myself opening time and time again. I actually have a totally separate inbox just for marketing, life and shopping emails which makes it a pure delight and guilty pleasure to scroll through a few times a week.

1. The What List

Amy + Gina have the ability to curate a mix of news, brand discoveries and quotes that always set me on a crazed linking/following/buying spree (you’ve been warned). I am not sure I am cool enough to be their friends, but I would definitely give it my best shot as they often discuss topics and share finds that make me feel as though they’ve been in my head (or spying on my Amazon wishlist) like when they recently recommended  Lambrusco, an effervescent red wine served chilled WHICH I HAD JUST PURCHASED THAT SAME DAY.  You may also be into checking out  the first The What Summit, an all-woman all-day connection and well-being event October 5, 2018,

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2. Rose Colored Roundup

Let’s face it, right now is an especially hard time to be a kind-hearted, morally conscious human being, and getting the latest download of ‘WTF is happening’ morning headlines can make you feel like going straight back to bed. For this and other reasons, I love the positive news spin delivered by Lisa each week. The RCR is  “a weekly curation of the “good news” we tend to miss these days… uplifting stories of empowerment and progress.”

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3. Girls Night In

In the long thick file of “Why didn’t I think of that” comes Girls Night In, a delightful mish mash of lifestyle and great GIF goodness that espouses the values of introversion, introspection and that “do not disturb – I am face mask sheeting, tea drinking, reading with my cozy socks on” vibe that deeply appeals to my inner hermit. Featured in Vogue and quickly expanding into local events, GNI is a whole body treat.

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4. Felicia Sullivan

Ok if at this point you’re going, “well this is cute and all but what about the marketing,” look no further than business and marketing strategist Felicia Sullivan, who runs the marketing consultancy Phoebe & Kate. She is consistently wildly generous with the long-form goods in each and every newsletter. From personal struggles and triumph to powerful business templates and step-by-step guides, you want to settle in and hear what Felicia has to share with you each time she presses send.

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5. Brain Pickings

Have you ever taken the StrengthsFinder test? Years ago when I did it, my top strength was input. This was a bit of a weird one (no one else at my agency had this as a top strength), but really it comes down to loving the process of collecting bits of information. I have this love of absorbing information, retelling and creating connections across sometimes disparate modes of thought and perspective, and I feel like in this regard, Maria Popova, the founder of Brain Pickings and I, are kindred spirits. Read BP when you need to slow down and immerse yourself in words, story and wisdom.Our own

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I could go on and on (let me know if you’d like a second post) but I hope you subscribe and enjoy these with both your marketing lens and your kind, curious heart. And, if you aren’t getting PR Couture emails yet, you can do so right here.

Crosby Noricks

Crosby Noricks

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