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Pinterest now ranks second only to Facebook in referrals to eCommerce sites and at present 30% or so of shopping related items on Pinterest are on sale. Last week 10% of the items that we were watching dropped in price. The average savings was $88 representing almost 40% savings from the original price. – Zoomingo

A life without Pinterest is too sad to contemplate. Luckily, not only do we get to reap the benefits of increased brand awareness, referral traffic and community, many companies are launching innovative ways to help consumers and brands extend how and where they use Pinterest.

Integrate Pinterest with Facebook

Pinvolve is a free Facebook app that bridges Facebook and Pinterest, making it easy for fans to view a boards and pins through a Facebook tab. The Pro version also offers a tab of all your pins, plus a branded header and “Follow me on Pinterest” button. Take a look at on the PR Couture Facebook page.

Sale Notifications from Lyst

Social commerce platform Lyst has launched a new tool to lets users receive instant notifications whenever any items in their Pinterest boards go on sale.
Once a user connects their Pinterest account to Lyst, they will receive instant sale alerts on all the products they have ‘pinned’ or ‘repinned’ from the hundreds of fashion retailers that Lyst partners with around the world. In addition, when a user ‘pins’ an item from a store, Lyst will tell them if it’s available elsewhere. It’s worth getting in touch to make sure clients are a part of this opportunity to drive sales.

Drive In-store traffic

Zoomingo, currently a top 25 app in its category in the Apple App Store, just launched a new Pinterest version of its location based shopping app that lets consumers find the best in sales at their local stores. It automatically categorizes and tracks items on Pinterest so shoppers can browse, search and filter items by store, brand, price and keyword, as well as sale notifications.

Re-purpose Pins Polyvore Style

Currently in closed Beta, Bazaart is a magazine-style Ipad app for Pinterest that lets you create Polyvore-style mash-ups of pins.  For a fun social media campaign, invite followers to use the tool and then pin mood boards around seasonal looks.

Measure Pinterest Success

Pinerly is Pinterest management program with analytics and it’s a must if you are running Pinterest boards, contests etc on behalf of clients. It provides insights on how well pins are doing, making it easy to compare click-throughs, likes and re-pins for campaigns. It also suggests trending content to pin, makes follower suggestions and provides some of the most valuable data on how to use Pinterest for businesses (it’s exquisite fodder for a client one-sheet or best practices doc).

What other Pinterest apps, tips and tricks do you love?

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