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Bridal editors are unique in that their market is entirely niche and occasion-driven. Media coverage in this space focuses on serving the interests of many different types of individuals who are connected by a singular event – the wedding. While this makes for an easier time when developing highly-targeted pitches that solve the myriad needs facing brides, grooms, “the couple” and the extending wedding party, bridal media operates in a highly competitive industry; the U.S. wedding industry hit $72 billion in revenue in 2016.

Successful pitching to the bridal market requires being aware of traditions, the “something old,” but also a keen awareness of emerging trends, not just in terms of dress styles and fit, but in emerging preferences and expectations held by the modern-day engaged couple, aka the “something new.” Here are a few tips for strengthening outreach to bridal editors and bloggers.

1.  Pitch beyond the dress–  Beyond wardrobe, event planning and event styling, an editor wants to inspire a bride’s special celebration. Think pre-wedding pampering, day-of rescues and psychological connections. Cast the right angle for a custom fragrance line inspired by the bride’s bouquet, a relaxing body soak with gold shimmer, or an easy solution to fix a ripped hem, and you may find a new angle bridal media will love.

2. Identify an emerging theme – Consumers of bridal media seek the most relevant trends but still expect traditional elements.  That’s why there are so many details involved in a bridal styled shoot – from the cake, to invitations, to place settings, and on – regardless of its design or theme. They want something ‘new’ but also something timeless. Identify how a new pattern, material, ingredient or jewelry trend connects to a newly engaged bride for a story angle that will have editors saying, “I do,” to you asking them if they need a sample!

3.  Submit Completed Content – Wedding and bridal media platforms rely heavily on submissions. What does this mean? Contributed content (proper care for the frozen wedding cake from your bakery client) can be an easier way into press than traditional pitching. Partnering together with likeminded vendors to produce a photo shoot can be an easier way into press than sending samples for in-house photography from the publication. Keep in mind that editors constantly sift through hundreds of pieces for submitted content. Be sure to understand content requirements and to follow those editorial guidelines perfectly, or you’re content will likely be deleted. Don’t lose an opportunity because of a formatting error of improper file type.

4. Know the Millennial Market – Just like any editor, bridal editors are looking for the next new thing. For younger brides, understanding their purchases (more likely to choose non-diamond engagement rings, or examples) event preferences (smaller ceremonies, useful favors and no-waste décor) and gifting requests (more experiences and charitable giving) will give you a gartered leg up on companies pitching the same old stuff. A modern mindset inspires endless newness in the world of weddings.

5. Heirloom, Eco-friendly and Custom Details – It’s the right time for ethical, sustainable, customizable, small-batch, high-quality products and services to stand out. Even better – angle a pitch to offer relevance beyond a wedding day (hint hint: ‘wifey’ jean jackets, etc.).

Hope these tips help you, happy pitching!

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Alex Perry

Alex Perry

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