6 Quick Online Classes to Grow Your PR & Digital Marketing Skills

We live in an amazing time where truly anything is learn-able, particularly through all the various online course and class platforms out there. With public relations such an ever-evolving field, it’s always good to take time out each year to learn a little more about a little something. With that in mind, we scoured Skillshare for 6 courses we’re bookmarking for our own ongoing education.

If you haven’t yet signed up for Skillshare, just use this link to unlock 2 free months of their Premium Offering.

Class #1: Public Relations: Use Your Networks to Build Buzz 

In this quick 45 minute class aimed at budding PR professional, seasoned communications expert Peter Shankman provides a crash course in how to leverage your network for bigger buzz, and explains how to create a perfectly positioned pitch by “news-jacking.” Each section provides a strategic assignment to help provide additional insight into the basic principles of networking and media relations.

Class #2: Startup PR: Getting Press on a Tight Budget

Sometimes miracles have to be made out of nothing and this happens often in the public relations industry. In just over an hour, Erica Swallow encourages students to craft concise and applicable communications to quickly and easily convey their message. To boot, she shines light on how to build a unique press kit. There’s even a handy-dandy section about email etiquette (an utterly important and underrated component of public relations).

Class #3 The Marketing Lifecycle: Build Systems to Grow Your Brand

Chris Bolman is one of Skillshare’s top teachers, so take heed! Previously Vice President of Marketing at Percolate, one of the most trusted marketing and branding platforms, Bolman’s experience is grounded in building a stellar voice for top brands. This course provides students with a systemic approach to marketing, making it more understandable and significant in the business planning process.

Class #4: Personal and Lifestyle Branding: Building Your Story

The increasing pressures of exceptional personal branding as a tool for growing business means a course on handling your feed and beyond with intention is a smart move. Kate Arends, who you probably recognize as the founder of Wit and Delight, spends 30 minutes running through aesthetics, cohesive and demonstrable beliefs, missions and goals, and even entrepreneurial dreams. 

Class #5: The Ultimate Guide to Track and Measure the ROI of Your Next Influencer Marketing Campaign

With so much emphasis being placed on influencer campaigns, it’s important to know how to best set up and evaluate campaigns from start to finish. In this class from Kim Westwood at Shopping Links (check out our influencer marketing series with them here),you’ll how to measure the ROI of an influencer marketing campaign from start to finish.

Class #6: Instagram Ads: Reach 10,000+ People w. $5

With so much of PR moving into paid media, understanding how to craft an effective Instagram ad to boost client reach is becoming a new required skill. Learn how to secure an impressive reach for just $5 in this class by fashion marketing expert Luna Vega.

From finally figuring out Google Analytics to developing effective video assets for client, sales strategy or build a freelance business, there’s no reason not to take full advantage of something like Skillshare Premium to enhance your already stellar PR skills.

PS: We’d be remiss not to mention our own course for aspiring PR Professionals. After PRISM, hundreds have secured positions working with top agencies, brands and editorial, over and over again.

Acasia Gibson

Acasia Gibson

Acasia is the PR Coordinator at Palmer Public, Inc. With a focus in brand building, strategic partnerships and media relations, Palmer boasts a reputation in overseeing many successful campaigns. A proud graduate of The University of Alabama (ROLL TIDE), she is currently in pursuit of her Master's degree in PR and Advertising from DePaul University.