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What makes a great fashion PR agency blog? Something other than simply posting clips from recent client media coverage or updating once every six months! Below are seven examples of fashion PR agencies that are successfully extending their brand, skills, and creativity by blogging.

Ruby Press

The Ruby Press blog, like everything that comes out of Ruby Press, is tasteful, editorial and gorgeous. Multiple authors, from interns to Melissa herself,  share their latest inspirations and fun finds. Whether its vintage Vogue covers or sea salt chocolate lollipops, this blog is a visual feast in its own right, and sits comfortably next to site like A Cup of Jo or Coco + Kelley. It would be even better with social share buttons so I could easily share the amazing posts!

Starworks Group

For videos of runway shows, event coverage like London Fashion’s Night out and NYFW recaps paired with music and art inspiration, New York’s Starworks Group blog worth bookmarking. Larger images and more article copy would really make this site come alive.

Moderne Press

The Moderne Press blog  is rich on inspiration and client lite – though new client announcements  and celeb sightings are a welcome addition to Connie and Jamie’s international finds, like Australian textile brand Castle. A bump up of the font size and some more insight into the daily comings and goings of the agency would make for an even richer experience.

Pierce Mattie

The Fashion PR Rag from Pierce Mattie is an agency blog veteran. While heavy on client news and coverage, the blog also covers the fashion industry at large and provides occasional PR or beauty tips, like finding your most flattering lip color. Clearer client/not a client disclosure and a Facebook like button would help keep this blog current.

The Vanguard PR

Based in Los Angeles and Vancouver, the Vanguard PR blog provides unique insight into fashion PR in Canada, with the Vanguard’s signature eco-/green slant. Their “Who Are You and Why Do We Care” series offers up interviews with singers, designers and journalists pairs well with guest posts featuring internship tips, and of course, agency news and client features. Giving images more of a focus and introducing some playful, graphic treatments would really let this blog’s quality content shine.

The ABA Agency

If fashion events are your thing, the ABA Agency is a treasure trove of where art meets fashion across the globe. Specific authors and a more personalized tone would really help this blog come to life.

JVP Media

Proprietress Jessica Victoria Piha is the owner of JVP Media & Public Relations as well as the fashion publicist for Blue Nile. Based in Seattle, the JVP blog features a mix of product reviews, interviews with designers and Jessica’s own thoughts, like a recent “What I learned during my 20s” type post.  It’s unclear if the products Jessica writes about are clients of a mix, so it would be great to see some clear disclosure, but the variety and consistency of posting make this a blog worth checking out.

A blog can be a powerful branding and client discovery tool, as well as a great internal communication tool for employees. What are your favorite fashion PR agency blogs and why?




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Crosby Noricks

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