7 Reasons to Say Yes to PRISM

PRISM is simply an easier way to break into PR

It’s no wonder that PR comes up regularly as one of the most stressful jobs on the planet. And, when you’re just starting out, you’ve got an extra set of worries. You’re trying to do anything and everything you can to get the right experience and skills to help you successfully land a great, swoon-worthy position in the industry. Add to that figuring out exactly what aspect of PR is the best fit for your skills and personality, growing your network, and confidently going after the jobs you want; it’s enough to make even the most motivated PR Girls go headfirst into overwhelm!

But, what if there was a sort of secret industry handshake and you knew it? Or a specific code-phrase that would move you from the back of the line to the front row? What if simply, there was an easier way to move forward in your career, no matter where you live, no matter your connections or your location?

Signing up for PRISM is a bit like that.

Behold, 7 reasons why you should sign up for PRISM, the signature PR career course from PR Couture

bluegem1. Public Relations is built on compelling storytelling, persuasive writing and strong branding. In PRISM, we use your own personal brand to explore all of the above, focusing on how to package your unique mix o magic – that blend of perspective, experience, and passion that only you have – so that your presence and brand attracts the right opportunities your way.

The result: A social media presence that employers will love, a cover letter that is heaps above the quality of what most applicants are sending, and a sense of confidence and clarity around what you bring to the table that will make people clamor to work with you. Really.

PRISM was without a doubt one of the best investments I made when starting my career. If you’re going into PR, marketing, or any communications field, this course is essential. The knowledge, networking and skills are something I’ll have with me for a lifetime.
-Samantha Maxon

pinkgem2. Lifestyle public relations is not exactly like the public relations taught in school. During the course, we go deeply into how to develop key messages that editors respond to, and how to write a pitch using my own pitch template. Not to mention, the audio interviews with publicists from Style House PR, Beach House PR and Elle Communications provide invaluable insight into how to succeed at a top agency.

The result: You can easily write sample pitches to include in your portfolio, even if you’ve never worked on a PR campaign before. You’ll know how to help your team develop PR plans that are strategic, creative and properly organized.

PRISM really helped me find focus. Nearly a year later and Crosby is still on hand to offer advice and knowledge – she truly is an amazing mentor.
-Hayley Ashworth

greengem3. After taking PRISM, you’ll get a virtual key to the best PR Girl professional association out there. Our Alumni group is a place to ask questions, gain support, and find out about job opportunities that never even make it onto a job board.

The result: Never feel alone, confused or blind when it comes to your career or a next step. Through the alumni group, PRISM grads have landed volunteer gigs at New York Fashion Week, received feedback on graduate school application essays, discussed the best ways to ask for a raise, tell an employer you’ve accepted a new position, and of course, jobs. One of our Prismadonnas works for a top fashion recruitment agency – her job is literally to connect qualified applicants (like you) with amazing career opportunities.

Before taking PRISM, I was not sure how I would work in fashion PR with zero experience. Now I am confident in my abilities to work in fashion, and even more confident in my PR skills. Every assignment invites you to be vulnerable and think critically.
– Jailyn Glass


4. During PRISM, you’re surrounded by fellow aspiring PR professionals who love what you love and who also want to work in fashion, lifestyle or entertainment PR. As anyone who has been stuck in a PR class focused on examples from healthcare or public service companies, this is a welcome relief – and so much fun!

The result: The sheer relief of finding your squad, girls who get you and know what you’re talking about. Plus, course examples and conversations focus on the companies and brands you care about.

Before taking PRISM, I was struggling with defining my personal brand and focus as a publicist. Now I feel secure, prepared and confident about my public relations abilities. Through PRISM and access to Crosby, I landed my first celebrity client!
-Tamisha Monet


5. The sheer pace of public relations means that oftentimes, entry-level professionals are left without the mentorship and guidance needed to not only feel confident but to know how to excel. PRISM offers a ton of support that is hard to get in a professional setting.

The result: During the course, you have daily access to me through our group Facebook page, where you can ask me anything and everything. Plus, I’m happy to make email introductions when appropriate, recommend resources and generally take a special interest in ensuring you are successful – during the course and afterward.

PRISM helped me to zero in on my talents, focus on developing my weaknesses, and become a PR machine. I love my new role as a PR Coordinator for a lifestyle PR agency.
– Angela Hathaway


6. As Lindsey over at The Working Girl said, Prism is “an incredible opportunity and such a smart way to kick off your dream career.” For a one-time investment, you get lifetime access to the course materials plus ongoing career support.

The result: Revisit course assignments when faced with a particular challenge or opportunity, revise and refine your personal brand and practice your writing any time you need a boost.

PRISM particularly helped me in the developmental stages of my website, defining my personal brand, and determining my purpose and message to the world. I recently accepted a position as PR Coordinator for a swimwear brand and am so excited about where my career is headed.
– Lauren Long


7. $449 worth of bonus materials – from audio interviews to ebooks, are available to you just as soon as you sign up. 

The result: A course valued at more than $2,700 is yours for just $297 (and you can grab your spot for just $99 with our payment plan).  

Let’s do this!

PRISM course grads have gone on to land positions at top PR agencies, brands, and publications, as well as kickstart freelance PR careers. I’d love to show up for you and work together over the next 6 weeks. Registration ends Sunday and class starts October 11. If you have any questions, please use the live chat on the sign-up page and we will be happy to connect with you!