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Whether you are just starting out in your career, or looking to establish a personal brand distinct from your employer or company, you’re in for some fun! Personal branding is a great opportunity to practice what you preach to clients when it comes to visual branding, messaging and content strategy. However, it can be a bit different to do this work on yourself, so here are 7 creative considerations to help you launch a personal brand you’re proud to point people to in your Instagram bio.

Audit your existing presence

First things first, what happens when someone searches for your name? You may want to remove old images from your Instagram account, or shut down Facebook group that is no longer active.

Identify your 3 key ingredients

If your personal brand is a triangle. what are 3 aspects (could be adjectives) that have to be in there. Are you all about authority, professionalism and education or creativity, deconstruction and humor? Knowing your personal brand triangle will help you to develop content and choose platforms that are best for your brand personality.

Start a weekly email newsletter

For years, having an email list has proven to be an effective marketing move. An email list is highly essential and beneficial — and not just for brands. Individuals can also capitalize on the email format to develop strong rapport with readers (and bypass the IG algorithm entirely. If you have personal consulting services, incorporate these where it makes sense, but focus primarily on storytelling and actionable tips and resources targeted at your ideal audience.

Create weekly recurring social media content

It is essential that you are active on your social media platforms and a great way to garner interest is to create a recurring segment of sorts. Whether you choose to rant on what’s wrong with your industry, post your five favorite podcasts episodes for the week or show behind the scenes looks at your home renovation, let your audience into your world.

Get on video

Ugh I know. But whether you choose IG stories or start a YouTube channel, video content is a powerful way to let people get to know the real you, and opens you up to being discovered by new people who wouldn’t otherwise sign up for your content. Regular video content will help to build trust and will help you develop your content buckets further.

Write for Search

Think about what someone might be searching for wherein finding you would be a godsend. Use those queries to help you develop blog or website content to make it easier to be found. Your fresh SEO content  will  ensure that your hard work is getting picked up by search engines.

Join relevant communities

In today’s social media crazed world, the internet has birthed communities that cater all sorts of interests and needs. Discover those communities that can help support your professional growth and where you might be able to also lend a hand.

In a nutshell, building a personal brand relies on standing out, growing your audience, and building trust. Building a brand can be a lot of work, but when done right, can change your life.

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