8 Digital Fashion Magazines You Should Know

I’ve been traveling lately and I look forward to settling in on a plane/train, even the occasional light-rail or bus, for a much-deserved fashion mag fix. Loading up my iPad with digital fashion magazines is a great way to get that glossy-mag fix, without weighing down my carry-on. While I do enjoy perusing the digital mags of my favorite print pubs, I find myself equally sated by checking in with my favorite digital fashion mags.

Industry-wise, digital fashion magazines offer us new places to pitch and are a valuable part of any media outreach strategy. Plus, with a digital publication, the path from coverage to purchase is that much shorter, as many mags include live linking out to product pages. This idea was echoed by Melissa Davis, Founder of Ruby Press, who told me:

Online magazines are just as important to us and our clients as print publications-and sometimes more!  One nice benefit to a placement in an online mag is that they typically link directly to ‘where to buy’, which makes it much easier for the reader to purchase and consequently drives sales.

Fashion Media Contact Lists on PR Couture

This month, we’ll be chatting with a few of the editors of the mags listed below to find out more about each publication and how each editor likes to be pitched. Enjoy and please pin the image above to spread the digital love!

Pony Anarchy, based in Melbourne. Founded by Kristie Webster, @ponyanarchy

Matchbook, based in NYC. Founded by Katie Armour & Jane Lilly, @matchbookmag

Rue, based in San Francisco. Founded by Crystal Palecek, @ruemagazine

ShowPony, based in Los Angeles. Founded by Becky Hill, @showponymag

Magpie Darling, based in London. Founded by Amanda Greenwood, @magpiedarling

Ellements, based in NYC. Founded by Kaneo Biggs, @ellementsmag

Linger, based in Boston. Founded by Tiffany Tate, @lingermag

Mini Magazine, based in Chicago. Founded by Kaitlyn Kirby, @theminimagazine

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Crosby Noricks

Crosby Noricks

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