It’s time to make PR a PRIORITY.

The Accelerator is a 7-Day PR Primer Delivered Straight to Your Inbox

You’re ready to be featured in the media, work with influencers and build a base of brand-obsessed fans to next-level your business. But right now,
you have no idea where to start.

The Accelerator will teach you to:

  • Effectively identify, plan and execute PR, marketing and digital priorities using the same process high-end agencies use with clients - so motivating!
  • Masterfully reach out to and secure business-boosting opportunities with media and influencers with a turnkey process that works for you - what a relief!
  • Take ownership of your brand story to turn all the attention into actual customers by engaging your audience to build lasting relationships - direct communication is powerful!

The Accelerator Includes:

  • Easy Story Angles Editors Always Love (plus our Media List Generator + Key Message Template)
  • The Expert Strategy to Develop and Execute an Influencer Collaboration that aligns with brand goals and expectations (plus a Campaign Brief Template + Top Free Tools)
  • Email Marketing Upgrades to help you capture customers from press/marketing efforts headed your way (plus Irresistible Signup Offers + a Welcome Email Template)

Forget needing to hire a PR expert,
you’re about to become one.

No matter your current confidence level with PR and marketing, the PR Accelerator course will put you in the mindset of a communications expert and teach you the essentials to effectively pitch the media and work with influencers so you can do the necessary outreach to get the necessary results.

Working with a PR pro or agency 1:1 will easily run you $2500/month.

Rev up your PR results for $297

It’s all waiting for you, sweet cheeks.

This course will help you to quickly harness your brand potential to secure more responses from editors, successful collaborations with influencers and a brand-obsessed fan base dying to hear from you.

Hello your hauteness, My Name is Crosby

I’ve worked in-house, freelance, and agency-side for fashion, accessories, lifestyle and consumer brands. I went from being an assistant account coordinator (one teeny step above an intern) to a creative director, establishing and then leading an award-winning social media department for a top agency before making PR Couture my main gig.

It’s become my mission to ensure that are never expert-level advice. This course is just one of the ways I’m stepping up to provide you with the information you need become one of those brands everyone is talking about (you know the ones!).