PR Accelerator

Budgets are tight. Results are mandatory. Where to begin?

It's time to rev up your PRiorities.

Grab Your Copy of the PR Couture “PR Accelerator" Discovery Workbook

We’ve assembled 55 powerful discovery questions (the same ones we use with clients!) to help you get clear on brand messaging, priorities and next steps.

No matter your confidence level with PR and marketing, these questions will put you in the mindset of a communications expert. You’ll identify immediate opportunities and quick wins, figure out your media outreach strategy, clarify your digital footprint and more.

Once you've reviewed these questions you'll...

  • Have shifted into a proactive mindset around PR, marketing and digital planning - so motivating!
  • Be prepared to quickly and confidently respond to media inquiries with a process that works for you - what a relief!
  • Take ownership of your brand story to engage your audience and build lasting relationships - direct communication is powerful!

What will you discover?

Where can we send your copy of the PR Accelerator?

The PR Accelerator covers

  • Branding Basics: Time to get brutally honest about what your brand is (and what it is not)
  • PR Prep: From dream coverage to sending samples, identify your plan (and your process)
  • Digital Setup: From Instagram to influencers, define the what, where, when (and how much!)

These 55 powerful discovery questions will help you become one of those brands everyone is taking about (you know the ones!)


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