Agency Overview

Positioned helps purpose-driven companies and high-profile executives build Everlasting Brands through a combination of impactful values-based brand strategies, people-first communications, and proactive crisis prevention and management. Our mission is to ensure that your mission is fulfilled by fostering deep connections that spark action, earning the trust of your most important people, and standing strong in the spotlight.

Signature Services

Brand Crisis Management & Communications

Build your Everlasting Brand by identifying and mitigating brand risks so you can stand confidently in the spotlight now matter what comes your way.

Purpose-Driven Brand Strategy

Connect with your ideal audience through a mission-driven brand that builds community, sparks action, and lasts the tests of time.


Powerfully position your personal brand for influence and impact with personalized brand strategy and public relations.

Meet the CEO, Kristin Williamson Swenson

Kristin Swensen

Kristin Williamson Swenson, founder of Positioned, is the builder and protector of purpose-driven brands and reputation advisor to high-profile executives, entrepreneurs, and teams. Kristin has 15+ years of experience building personal brands, directing marketing and PR for $0 to $320M projects, and leading reputation and communication strategies ranging from high-profile political campaigns to brand PR crises.

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