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Actually doing PR for clients is crazy-making enough. Add in the monumental challenge of learning how to run a profitable, streamlined and enjoyable business…fine-tuning services and profit margins, not to mention finding team members who know not to leave you in a lurch…well it’s no wonder you rarely have time for agency marketing and your own self-promotion.

Think of PR Couture as the steadfast business advisor you’ve always wanted – a constant cheerleader and problem-solver who wants nothing more than to see you succeed and be recognized for all you do.

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PR Couture is a goldmine of information on what's fresh, relevant and useful for today's PR professional. Every time I visit I learn something to help me run my boutique PR Agency more effectively

Adrienne Dorsey

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I love PR Couture. It's the only place I've felt welcomed as a PR pro in 20+ years

KJ Blattenbauer

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5 Critical things to discuss with new PR clients

Written by Robin Doyle

It’s exciting when you land a new client, especially one that you connect with, feel passionate about and can truly get behind. Sometimes, in the midst of all that excitement and “newness,” as with any new relationship, it’s easy to get caught up in all the “fun” and forget to discuss some of the less exciting minutiae.

3 common problems facing boutique agency owners (and how i fixed them all)

Written by Cher Hale

I quickly surveyed the list glaring at me with red due dates on my desktop. Asana loved to remind me how late I was on my tasks, and while that would normally mean a couple of late nights for me, I didn’t have the luxury of extending my work hours this time. That’s because, in about 24 hours, I was scheduled to be on a plane for a 2-week trip to Italy. Between hosting a weeklong retreat and attending a wedding, I wouldn’t have time to sit down and work to make up for these late deadlines.

Start Promoting Your Agency Now (You Know You Need To)​

Written by Michele Litzky

There’s an old adage about pediatricians whose kids have sore throats and cobblers whose kids go barefoot. These are extreme examples of lack of attention – but in the PR industry, many of us follow suit when it comes to treating our own agency as a client. We publicize and land big stories for our clients, but when it comes to our own work – not so much.

Hey There Boss, I'm Crosby

I started PR Couture as a dedicated place to share and connect with fellow PR Professionals. And because frankly, I wasn’t getting that warm fuzzy feeling when, as a grad student, I tried to connect with more successful publicists for career insight.

The way I see it, powerful relationships are a PR requirement. It’s become my mission to ensure that through PR Couture, our programs, courses and community, you are never without the expert-level advice and next steps needed to excel move your business forward.

Consider me in your corner as of right now. Reach out anytime.


Crosby Noricks

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