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PR (and clients, not to mention whatever in the world is happening with the future of media right now) is crazy-making enough. Add it the additional challenges of running a business, fine-tuning services and profit margins, plus finding team members who know not to leave you in a lurch…and it’s no wonder you rarely have time to reflect, refine and reconnect to your WHY.

With PR Couture, we’re going to make sure you get the most important, scannable news and new strategies you need, PLUS a friendly, dedicated platform that wants nothing more than to see you succeed and be recognized for all you do.

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Your business blueprint

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Our job board is ultra-effective because you’re going straight to the source, to applicants who know PR and care enough about their career to invest in ongoing professional development. From executive positions to internships, we have a PRetty great track record of sending you exactly who you’re looking for, without unnecessary, time-wasting WTF resumes to sift through. 

share your expertise

Take advantage of our powerful SEO rankings and contribute and article in your specialty to benefit fellow practitioners and those looking to hire someone just like you.

Join the council

We can do so much more, together. As a member of the PRCC, PR Couture becomes an extension of agency marketing and recruiting efforts, including ongoing promotion and content opportunities across our site and social channels, free or reduced fees on all programs and services, as well as invaluable community support and priority client referrals. It’s pretty much the best.  

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A few popular articles to get you started

5 Critical things to discuss with new clients

Written by Robin Doyle

It’s exciting when you land a new client, especially one that you connect with, feel passionate about and can truly get behind. Sometimes, in the midst of all that excitement and “newness,” as with any new relationship, it’s easy to get caught up in all the “fun” and forget to discuss some of the less exciting minutia. 

During your new client kick-off meetings, or as part of your new client on-boarding process, be sure to address the following 5 things:


Written by Wendy Vasquez

As new boutique PR agency owner or independent publicist, there are a multitude of startup costs to consider, not the least of which are the tools you use to run the back-end of your business. You may be a solo or small operation, but clients will expect a high-level, agency-type experience when it comes to protocol and deliverables.

Start promoting your agency now (you know you need to)

Written by Michele Litzky

There’s an old adage about pediatricians whose kids have sore throats and cobblers whose kids go barefoot. These are extreme examples of lack of attention – but in the PR industry, many of us follow suit when it comes to treating our own agency as a client. We publicize and land big stories for our clients, but when it comes to our own work – not so much.

Is your agency guilty when it comes to self-promotion (or lack thereof)? We were, too – but then, we got into gear.

it takes one to know one

I started PR Couture because I wanted a dedicated place online to share and connect with others working in fashion/lifestyle PR. And because frankly, I wasn’t getting that warm fuzzy feeling when I tried to connect with publicists for career insight or support.

Public relations is built on relationships, and it’s become my mission to ensure that through PR Couture, you have everything you need to gain recognition for your efforts, to experience the joy that comes with sharing what you’ve learned, and to contribute to the industry with your own special sauce. We need you and I believe in you. 

Let’s make things bigger, brighter and better, together. Reach out anytime


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