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Welcome to Virgo season, as Instagram would have you know!  Now is a great time to review your goals and start establishing and adjusting goals to end this year with a bang. I like to think about my network as a bunch of different ships, all on various stages of the journey. A review of your “ships” aka your relationships is a quick and easy way to get your review process started. Consider the following:

1. Client Relationships

How has this year been in terms of existing and new client relationships? From your perspective, are you attracting and signing your ideal clients? What ways can you better connect with your customers and clients this quarter? You’re likely actively engaging with them, however, it’s good to check in on their goals and vision for the rest of the year and see how you may help. And heck, a surprise gift in the mail never hurt. Consider asking clients out for a vision-driven coffee or happy hour conversations not related to the day-to-day tasks or projects on hand, but on those big business dreams. Not only can this help you refine your strategy, but it helps cement your role as a key confidante and supportive figure.

2. Media Relationships

With so much change happening daily in the publishing world, its easy to lose site of who works where and what your favorite editors and freelance writers are up to. Take a quick glance through old media lists and your inbox and make sure you’re up to date on your favorite journalists, editors, producers, and influencers? Then, think of one way that you can be (or continue to be) a resource to them, and make it happen.

3. Business Partnerships

One way to grow your business quickly is by establishing some powerful partnership with like-minded, related but not competitive businesses. Who is on your radar, doing cool things, and worth reaching out to explore how you might pool resources to do something fun – perhaps a workshop or being guests on each other’s podcasts or simply going in on a piece of spendy business software you can both share. Make a list of businesses and people you might be interested in collaborating or co-venturing with, and make plans to set-up coffee/tea dates.

4. Community Relationships

How have you involved yourself in your local community or organizations that matter to you? If you haven’t been as active as you would like, map out a few ways you could show up, give back and be seen.

5. Friendships

Who do you need to call and catch up with? All work and no play is a recipe for burnout and it’s important to spend some time with those you love, those who make you laugh and those for whom Instagram is just a place to show off their kids and have no idea what “the grid” is. Schedule in some time to connect with the people you care about STAT. Bonus: do let them know about your own business goals and desires, our friends and family can be our strongest advocates out there in the world, helping connect us to even more powerful ships!

Checking in on the various relationships you have in your business and life will make sure you’re positioning yourself positively for what’s to come.

A version of this article first appeared on White Book Agency’s blog.

Nancy Vaughn

Nancy Vaughn

Nancy Vaughn is an entrepreneur and principal, PR & Marketing Director of White Book Agency, a full-service public relations, marketing and special events firm, specializing in fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands. She excels at assisting media professionals and clients alike, and is called upon frequently by media outlets for her PR/business knowledge, coaching and industry connections. She leads strategic publicity and marketing campaigns for businesses across the country and her clients have been seen in/on: InStyle, New Beauty,, Forbes, Design Bureau, Luxe Interiors & Design, MSN Fitbie, E! TV, CNN Latino, Refinery 29, The New York Times, Daytime TV, Dwell and more.