Balm + Boost: 8 Week Business Accelerator

It's so easy to forget, but you don't actually have to figure out all the things, all by yourself.

The Balm + Boost is an 8 Week Momentum Generator

To soothe Your Soul and Reset You for Success

With PR Couture founder and acclaimed digital marketing strategist, Crosby Noricks

Hello Lovely,

You’re trying to build something, make something, grow something, or make a decision about something. And it’s all swirly “should I, could I” in your brain, to the point where you can feel your brain begging you for a nap. 

This circular thinking happens to all smart people trying to be courageous in the world, with our projects, our problem-solving, our drive to do more, to help more, to finally, figure it out and make it all go.

Problem is, swirly, circular thinking has a sneaky way to keeping us on the other side of the fence from the peace, relief and momentum that comes from feeling confident and joyful about your next steps.

So let’s figure them out together and get you back on track, shall we?

Business coaching with me is yes, about strategy and about PR and marketing and automation and processes and plans, but its also, importantly, about making sure you’re doing everything you want to do and you’re getting the support you need to be the person you want to be.

If you’d like to hire me as your human spirit animal/communications consultant/high-priestess of decision making, I’d love to give your brain a boost by adding mine into the mix.


(Sooo pregnant in this photo, all hail the power of the table)

Let's Break This Down:

The Balm:

  • 4 hour-ish long strategy sessions every other week - video or phone - your choice
  • Instant post-call notes filled with action items, resources, tools and reminders
  • Expert review and direction of up to 4 items - could be your marketing plan, press materials, or an email sequence
  • Weekly email access for quick answers to whatever comes up

The Boost:

  • Referrals to trustworthy + talented designers, copywriters, publicists and others to help you to further build your business
  • Access to any digital products or personal resources we deem useful for you
  • One future SOS email consult with 24-hour turnaround time to be used in times of inevitable crisis
  • Client-only rates on current and future PR Couture programs & products

The Balm + Boost is 8 Weeks and More than $5250 of value (which you get for less than 1/2 that)

Reach out below and let me know what’s on your mind (and your plate!)

(yes I do payment plans)

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Hi, my name is Crosby and I’m the founder of PR Couture.

I’ve worked in-house, freelance, and agency-side for fashion, accessories, lifestyle and consumer brands; including creating and leading an award-winning social media department before making my PR Couture and a small brand strategy practice my full-time business.

I’ve been told I’m “basically a mind reader, “more emboldening than a martini,” and “what Oprah’s Life’s Coach is to Oprah, but for publicists.” I’m proud of my ability to pay attention to what’s going on underneath, and devise tools you can use to support you in the long-term, while serving up strategies to sooth the immediate stressors your currently facing.

I’ve worked with freelance PR professionals, emerging fashion designers, aspiring influencers and fashion tech entrepreneurs, pulling from my experiences, expertise and network to provide much-needed support.

Let’s put me in your corner, so you can start having the time of your life, shall we?




PS: Yes that totally was a reference to Dirty Dancing